The Creation Architect


I recently began a journey that I’ve attempted to take many times before. However, I never quite understood this journey quite as well I do this time around. It’s a journey that I’m sure many of you have tried to take before as well but may have had my problem and never quite understood it. This is the journey of trying to read the Bible from beginning to end. Well, I have come across so many crazy revelations and sweet things just in a few chapters that I thought to myself, “Hey, why don’t I share what I’ve come to understand with others.” So that’s what this entry and many of the next ones will be about.

So what I have written here is what I’ve come to understand about the Bible. I just finished the New Testament and am now returning to the Old Testament to attempt to start the journey again. This time I feel much more equipped to understand it. I hope that as I learn and write about it here that you will be able to take something away from my writings. Well, enough with my Foreword, let’s move on. 

The Bible is really quite an interesting book. In fact, it’s so interesting that I’ve become amazed at the fact that even those who aren’t Christians don’t read it! It has so many themes in it that our culture loves to watch in movies. 

It is a book of love, hate, war, blood, horror, terror, murder, life, death, supernatural events, sci-fi events, walking dead people, talking donkeys, talking snakes, giants, a sacred garden, a Tree of Life, a Tree-of-the-Knowlege-of-Good-and-Evil, a worldwide flood, angels, demons, possessed pigs, a pregnant virgin, curses, blessings, fire from the sky, water walking, radiating faces, faith, the good guys, the bad guys, miracles, rescue, plagues, poems, songs, music, sin, sex, immorality, money, power, corruption, confusion, condemnation, Kingdoms, family issues, soap-opera-like drama, visions, the beginning of the world, the end of the world, betrayal, sacrifice, Heaven, Hell, martyrs, people disappearing with God, the everlasting fight for land, the little guy, the big guy, liars, deceivers, hypocrites, fashion shows, people putting their lives on the line for the sake of the cause, and this is just a little preview of what the Bible holds. There’s much, much more.

The Bible is R rated.
If even that…

Now let’s start at the beginning with the creation of earth.

Now our world has plenty of theories by now about the creation the world. Science tells us that a whole bunch of nothing blew up and created a whole bunch of something and then a whole bunch of little somethings called molecules came together to make a whole bunch of bigger somethings to live on the blown up something. We live in a world of science that is so aimed at disproving the Bible and the idea of a God existing. So instead of acknowledging the Christian faith, we create these theories to cover it up with supposed knowledge.

But for me, I must say that this theory takes more faith to believe in than the fact that a God exists. 

Now excuse me for a moment because I’m about to get a tad bit crude here. 

Did I get your attention?

But really, I just gotta say that the idea of sex is enough to tell me that there is a Great Architect who created me.

Think about it.

Our bodies all have urinary systems that were made in two different forms. Male and female. Now it just so happens that these systems also carry on a secondary purpose- the purpose to reproduce- the purpose of keeping everything ever created alive for generations to come. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, just the idea of how it works is even more amazing. 

First, a man releases a chemical to the brain called epinephrine. This results with blood filling one big vein in his penis which in essence is an erection of his urinary system. Now the capability of carrying out the action of sex is made possible. And if that’s not a wonder and enough proof already, the male is also given testicles so that he can create half of a life called sperm that carries his DNA. He creates thousands of sperm constantly and about every three days is filled to the capacity that he can hold. He continues to make more anyways as the excess is released while urinating. 

Now the woman’s urinary system has been created to be penetrated by man. But not only has it been created for that, but it has also been designed to go through sophisticated monthly periods so that a woman can create the other half of the life that is needed to make a whole one. Now in her half she carries her DNA. The man releases his half into her and the DNA combines together to make a whole. The two have then created a whole unique individual unlike anyone else in the entire world. But first the woman must endure child birth which will take about 9 months before she can release this whole individual out of her urinary system which was also designed to expand enough to let a human baby pass through it.

Molecules my butt.

Seriously, talk about intelligent design here! This is incredible! And to me it says there is an Architect. I call Him God.

So with that in mind, let’s begin at the famous “In the Beginning.” Now I find the beginning extremely fascinating. I look around and I see total and utter perfection in the creation of the world. There are so many forms of life surrounding me right now and I cannot even begin to understand how God was even able to create it. 

It’s funny because I wonder what God might have thought to himself as he got ready to begin Creating. 

“Hm… Perfection is not enough for the world to understand my power. I want to REALLY impress my creation. Let’s see, what could I do… Oh, I know! I’ll make it all in a week! No, not even that… Six days! Yes, six days! Then they will come to understand how powerful I really am!”

And he does it. He forms all the perfection you see around you in SIX days. And all He does is speak to create it- just speaks it all right into existence. I wonder what journal entries might have looked like on these days.

Day 1:
Today I made light and called it “Day.” I separated it from the darkness which I called “Night.” 

Day 2:
Today I made the sky and named it “the Heavens.” This way I could separate the water below from the water in the sky.*

Day 3:
Today I pooled all the water together and named it “Ocean.” Then I made land and called it “Earth.” I told the earth to “green up” and I made a bunch of seed-bearing plants and fruit-bearing trees.

Day 4:
Today I made sky lights to shine in the Heavens. I designed them in such a way that they could actually mark time- seasons, days, and years! I made two of the lights especially big. The larger one takes charge of the Day and the smaller one takes charge of the Night.
Day 5:
Today I created creatures in the sea and the air. Birds and fish. All different kinds. I told them to reproduce so that they could stay alive for generations to come.
Day 6:
Today I made all kinds of life on earth- cattle, reptiles, wild animals, bugs- the whole deal. But there was one creature I took extreme pride in. They are human beings. I made them in my own image! They are to mirror me and reflect my nature. I’m putting them in charge of everything earth. All of the fish, birds, and cattle- yes, everything that moves on the face of the Earth will be under their responsibility! They will eat of the seed-bearing plants and fruit-bearing trees. All of the other animals may eat whatever grows out of the ground.

Day 7:
Each of the past six days I have spoke wonders into existence. All of it is good. So very good. I have finished my work. It is the end of the week and today I will rest. Therefore, today will be a Holy Day- for even I am resting from all of the creating I have done.

Creation in six days… What a feat. And we even see a God who rests in a world of non-stop-Meijers-like schedules. Perhaps we really should take this idea of a day of rest more seriously. There would be so many different good ideas that would come from such a day. For more on that subject, look for my note on “The Sabbath: A Lost Idea.”

Many of us know the story of creation very well. We’ve become numb to how amazing it really is. Remember this when you struggle with your questions to God as to why He would put you through something. You better believe that if God that can make an entire world in six days that He knows what’s best for you even when it hurts. His knowledge is beyond comprehension.

This has been based off of:
Genesis 1 & 2:1-4

*Just so you know I’m a sci-fi fanatic. I love watching the sci-fi channel with cheesy graphic movies of giant man-eating worms and what not. So every once in awhile I’ll come across a theory based off the Bible that is a cool idea and is not sacrilegious to consider. A cool theory I heard back in 7th grade from my math teacher was that there was originally a huge ball of ice around the world. This theory didn’t make it too far into consideration because it was Bible based. Hence, many scientists disregarded it. So far I have seen verses that seem to prove this theory as well as some that seem to make it a bit unstable, but then again I don’t know the entire theory. Either way, it’s a cool idea in general so I thought I’d share it. On the second day God says: 

“Sky! In the middle of the waters; separate water from water!”
God made sky.
He separated the water under sky from the water above sky.
And there it was:
He named sky the Heavens;
It was evening, it was morning-
Day Two.

-Genesis 1:6-8 (MSG)

This theory hypothesizes that God may have made a ball of ice or a ball of water that surrounded the earth. You see, back then people lived much much longer. For example, Adam was 930 years old before he died. Now if there was a ball of ice around the world, then the ice would block much of the radiation that reaches the earth which could result in us living much, much, much, longer. The Bible goes on to state in Genesis 2:5-7 that the entire Earth was originally watered by underground springs and that God had not yet sent rain to the Earth also giving the theory credibility.

God explains later in Genesis 6:3 that He’s “not going to breathe life into men and women endlessly. Eventually they’re going to die; from now on they can expect a life span of 120 years.” God tells Noah around this time to build his ark and Noah does so within what I believe to be 100 years. Now when God floods the earth in Genesis 7:11-12, “all the underground springs erupted and all the windows of Heaven were thrown open. Rain poured for forty days and forty nights.” This could be the melting of the ball of ice as we finally see the earth watered by more than just underground springs and actually from the Heavens and sky itself.

After this people begin to live much shorter. In fact, their life span starts decreasing fairly quickly. Noah’s son Shem has a lot of family that proves so. There are a few variables to determining the age, but we do know at least the years they live after having children and they begin to decrease (See Genesis 11:10-26). And now due to radiation and thousands of other variables in today’s world we have shorter lives as well. Now I haven’t read a book on this theory or anything, but I do find it very intriguing and a possibility! AND it is not a theory that contradicts my faith at all. Anyways, just thought I’d pass that on because I thought it was a cool idea.



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