You Are Dirt

So God decides that He wants to create the human race and that in this race He will entrust the responsibility of taking care of everything on the Earth- all of the animals, the land, and the vegetation. 


They will be the Guardians of the Earth. They will be Gardeners of the Earth. 

They will be Guardian Gardeners.


Now, these Guardian Gardeners will be the single most important thing made during the time of creation. The weight of the entire world will rest on their shoulders. So mankind should be made with authority so the rest of the world will know that this race alone will be in charge of all of creation. They should be godlike- but not gods! They should reflect God’s nature. They should be a mirror image of Him.


So God decides to really leave His fingerprint on the sixth day of Creation and He forms man… out of dirt. 


The same dirt that humanity will tend to.

The same dirt that humanity will return to some day.


So guess what people- 

You are dirt.

But before you take this offensively, stop and think about it. Yes, dirt may be an inanimate bad-tasting substance, but it is also one of the most essential inanimate piece of nature in the world. Through dirt the world continues. Life plants its roots in dirt to survive- to take its nutrients. Seems like a pretty big compliment to me. 


In essence, are we not exactly like dirt? 

Do we not determine what we grow? 


We gather nutrition in ourselves so that we can grow something beautiful. And if we are a good and nutritious dirt then what we grow will be long lasting, beautiful and good because it is soaking in our nutrients and becoming like us. And then later when what we’ve grown dies, it too will return to the dirt and and grow something beautiful itself. 


Yeah dirt!

That’s what we are.

And in that I take joy.

And responsibility.


So now God has formed man out of dirt in His own image in hopes that man will live to mirror Him. In hopes that man will live to be like Him in every single way possible. In hopes that being made godlike will help man to understand the importance of living like God.


Now God is ready to take the last step. He breathes into Adam’s nose a breath of life (you’ll find that a lot of references to God have to do with wind and breathing and those sorts of noises. I’ll point them out whenever I come across these references because I think they are a vital piece to God). Adam becomes a living soul from that one breath. He becomes alive.


See the power of God that is in a single breath. It’s hard to comprehend isn’t it?


This newly formed creature is the famous Adam. Next, God takes Him to a garden called Eden that He has planted. It is a beautiful garden watered by a river as well as the underground springs that God had created before He had made it rain on Earth. There were all kinds of trees- all beautiful and with good fruit. I can see it all now in a dreamy, fuzzy vision.

There were also two trees of magical power placed in the garden. One was called the Tree-of-Life. Its fruit held the power of eternal life. It was okay to eat from. But the other tree- the Tree-of-Knowledge- was the only tree in the garden that was forbidden to eat from. Its powers would educate man on the difference between Good and Evil. It would give man a conscience.


Now if man were educated as to what was good and what was evil, in the process he would make himself capable of actually doing wrong and evil. But if he would have done something wrong or evil outside of knowing it would be done innocently and unintentionally taking away the motivation that really forms what hate and evil is. And the capability of doing evil intentionally would also put him in a position where he could be judged at death and possibly live in Hell for eternity. God wanted to avoid that from happening. Eating from this tree would set entirely new standards on humanity. This is why God said not to eat it. 


To protect us. 

To keep us close to Him.


While in Eden, God brings all of the other things he had created to Adam. He wanted him to name them. And that’s exactly how it worked. These creatures kept the names that Adam gave them. But despite all of this life he was surrounded by, he was lonely. So God decided to make him a companion. I have to say, I’m glad he named the animals, because if I would have… well, you all would hate me.


He puts Adam in a deep sleep and takes out his rib and replaces it with flesh. Using that rib, God created woman. Adam gets very excited to see woman because he has been searching for a companion. And this woman is bone of his bones! Flesh of his flesh! She’s the perfect companion!


Because of woman, man will leave his father and mother to embrace a wife. They will become one. In a quite literal sense too. Since Adam was missing a piece of himself, perhaps the only way to feel completely whole would be by embracing his long lost rib. 


Now at this time Adam and Eve are naked and not ashamed of it. And that my friends is where we will pick back up next time.




This entry has been based off of:

Genesis: 2



2 thoughts on “You Are Dirt

  1. So you’re telling me that God loved me so much he made Adam eat a piece of fruit so I will go to hell… Why exactly?!?

  2. {This is a response to your comment}

    Hey Kip,

    I’m glad you asked! One of the things you’ll find throughout scriptures is that God prides Himself on not interfering with our free will to do what we will. One of the big themes to Christianity is that we love God because we want to, not because we’re forced to.

    For example, He didn’t want to make robots who would love Him automatically because that’s not really love. C.S. Lewis had another good example: It’s kind of like playing chess with yourself. What’s the point in playing if you know you’re going to win (against yourself none the less)?
    One of the things I would like to throw out there, is that Adam and Eve were tempted by the snake to eat the apple and they did. God was very upset to see this as He hoped for a sinless world, but since He gave us free will, He lets us make our own decision. Which in a sense sucks because that means we can screw it up and that comes consequences. But at the same time, I think it would suck even more if God ruled us like a dictator and we couldn’t do anything outside of what He wanted.

    I know it’s hard to see how us going to hell could ever be part of a loving God, but I’ve also written some ideas on that as well if you’d like to read it. Just let me know.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. I may not have all the answers, but I’m learning. I also hope that you don’t take anything I say as a hurtful or rude thing as that is not my intention. I know religion is a touchy subject with people. Thanks for the comment!

    If you would rather talk in private my e-mail is but this is fine if you’d rather.

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