The Door in the Sky

I woke up one morning after having a rather strange dream. I quickly jotted down a couple of the things I could remember but really only had two main ideas to base this story off of. I hope you enjoy it.

There had been a legend told by the sailors of the past that was as old as time itself. It was a legend of mystery, wonder and power. A story that had been passed down through generations, yet no man had ever attempted to test the story in order to find out if it was real or not.

But one man, a scientist of his time, dared to pursue that in which he did not understand. If there was a theory out there then of course it would  be his duty to hypothesize, analyze, and test it- regardless of how far fetched the legend was. After all, every legend has got to have somewhere to start, right? So perhaps there’s a bit of truth behind every one of them. And perhaps this story had some bit of truth to it.


And that possibility is all that was needed.

“The Door in the Sky” was the name of the legend. It was started long ago when a crew ship stumbled across a mysterious door in the sky. There it floated, shining as bright as the sun. But in order to reach such a door, the mast of the ship would have to be quite large. And luckily, the mast to their ship is noted to have been large enough to reach the door. However, the legend goes on to say that no one possessed the courage to enter it. After all, who would want to simply enter a door in the sky? Who knows what could be on the other side.

The scientist found this intriguing. If this theory proved to be true then it would completely change everything he knew. But then again, in science, everything has an explanation and if it was true… well, then he would figure out the scientific reason as to why. All he needed was the location, which he happened to possess. The long lost journal of the captain who originally saw the spectacle had been attained by his country’s kingdom and they had asked him to travel to the location and bring home a report on the legend. The captain’s journal marked the location of the phenomenon and did so with warning:

…To anyone who may read this: HEED MY WORDS. There is something unsettling in my being about this unusual event. I tell you that as surely as God lives, there is a door standing high above me- floating in the sky. However, some things were just not made to be tested. Some things are better off alone. I do not feel completely sane writing this location down, but my curiosity compels me to do so. But may it be out of your sheer will and determination that you find this door. I will not lie responsible for your actions- I have warned you.

This was the captain’s last entry before it happened. What I mean to say is that the ship had arrived on shore one day in perfect condition- not a scratch on it.

However, the ship’s crew was gone.

There was blood staining the ship, but no bodies. The entire crew had disappeared. If it wasn’t for the journal the captain had left behind then no such legend would have ever come to be.

The scientist agreed to take the mission under the terms that he chose his crew. He did not favor working with more than he had to and such a legend should be pursued with those that he trusted. Among those that he trusted to his task was a well-known captain, a scholar, a doctor, a soldier, and a 17 year old boy. He also recruited a homeless man. While the scientist was no religious man, he was a good man and he had gotten to know this homeless man a little bit through short conversations with him on his walks to work. He knew that such a person would be humbled to be given the opportunity to make some money and perhaps it would help the poor man get back on his feet again.

The newly formed crew was gifted with a medium sized ship that had been built with a very tall mast in hopes that the legend was true. The scientist chuckled. What an odd looking boat it was. After a couple preparations had been made and jobs had been assigned the boat sailed off in search of this “door in the sky.”

After about a week of sailing the ship neared its destination. In fact it was so close that the scientist was sure he should have seen some kind of strange thing by now. The scholar desperately searched the captain’s journal for more clues and compared it with the map, but alas, there was nothing. Nothing strange in the sky and nothing strange in the water. Just a heavy fog in the distance.

Then again… there did seem something strange about the fog. There was no starting point to it. The fog was just heavy. It didn’t slowly trickle in as they floated towards it. Something wasn’t right. It had been completely clear behind them. It was midday and there was a bright blue sky and nothing but water for miles. How peculiar…

Silence grew over the entire crew as they approached the massive wall of fog. There was excitement in the air- but not without fear. What would they find in that fog? Would there be strange scientific wonders? Or would there just be nothing?

The front of the ship entered the fog and the moment it did, it disappeared out of sight. The fog was so heavy…

The crew had a natural instinct to leave their posts and group together. Open mouthed and wide eyed, together they entered the wall. Although so close to each other, the fog made it impossible to even see each other’s faces. But this only last for about two seconds. The fog was thick, but apparently the wall was not. They were now inside something even more odd.

A vertical tunnel of fog.

It surrounded them. Other than the blue sky at the top of the tunnel, fog was all that could be seen. The back of the ship continued to make it’s way through the fog until the ship reached the middle of the tunnel. Then there was a loud noise and the ship rumbled as it stopped dead in the water. They hadn’t hit a sandbar…

Next a huge wind swept through the tunnel and blew the fog completely away in about a second.

What beauty…

There were now huge islands in the distance that had not been there before. Every color the eye could see seemed so much more vibrant here. The water was a beautiful dark blue; the island’s sandy beaches were a bright gold and its forests spotted it with a brilliant dark green; the sky was a spectacular shade of blue with bright glowing white clouds. The sight was unfathomable. The crew was in wonder at this place they had come to find.

The crew was especially in wonder at the strange door that was now at the top of their mast…

There was no science here.

No formula to solving the equation.

Just confusion.

Confusion and the question of “what is on the other side of that door, and dare I open it?”

The crew gathered together to talk about what they were seeing.

What was this?

Where were they?

What now?

Each individual had his own plan of action to add to the mix. But it was agreed by all that none should enter that door. Not quite yet anyways.

Or so they thought they all had agreed…

But how can you truly know the adventurous young heart of a 17 year old boy anyways? How could he just stand there and not see what was on the other side? Especially after so long! Those crazy patient adult folk wouldn’t understand. Its now or never and frankly the now had passed four hours ago when they  had gotten there. In another three hours the sun would be down and who knows what would happen then. What if they were released from this spot back to their normal world and never able to come back again? Yes, now was definitely the time for action. The adults were just being stubborn anyways.

As soon as the boy found a chance while the adults were talking, he ran over to the mast and began to pull himself up it. No one even saw him! He was so clever and sneaky in his ways. His heart pounded as he neared the top. What kind of treasure would lie behind this door? The boat had stopped in the perfect spot for the mast to reach it. But stranger things had happened day. He took one last look at the vibrant beauty the world around him possessed. He could see so much of it from up here. He then turned for the door slowly and began to open it. A bright light shown out of the door as he walked into it.

The room was coated with a glowing white light. It was the only color that existed in the room. Even his entire body and clothes were glowing white. There was no room for any other color to exist- except for that hint of blood red on the stand in the middle of the room. Words were engraved on a white stone tablet underneath it:


However, being that there was no real warning in this writing, the young boy tried the ring on.

Images began to flood his mind. Images of all that was good. Its very difficult to describe it but the boy saw love. He saw goodness. He saw both in its truest form. He saw Heaven! But these weren’t his memories… Nor were the feelings he felt watching the memories. No, the boy had never experienced this kind of love. This was far to powerful a love to be of this world. These must have been the memories of the King that the stone was talking about!

How could anyone be so good?

So pure?

So righteous?

So loving?

So… perfect?

How could this be a King?

It didn’t make any sense! What kind of man could be given power and use it with this kind of love. These memories were so strong that the boy knew they had to be true no matter how much sense they didn’t make to him. The boy had to show the others! They had to experience this love! This ecstasy!

With the ring on his finger he ran to the door of the room and opened it. He stepped back into the world, his face and clothes radiating white. He stepped onto the mast and closed the door behind him. But when he did, something strange happened.

New memories?

What were these?

There was evil in these thoughts…

But not the evil of the King, rather the evil being done to the King.

The strong love of the King was still felt incredibly in the boy’s mind, but outside of that room of goodness and love was an extreme hatred. He saw demons and Satan and he literally felt their piercing hatred and anger towards everything. The boy watched as these evil spirits spread across the Kingdom; invisible to the King’s people. They whispered into his people’s ears evil thoughts, harsh words, and blasphemies.

“KiLL HiM!” they said.

“KILL HIM!” the people yelled.

Next the demons looked right at the boy.

“YoU KiLLeD HiM!” they barked.

The evil corrupted the Kingdom and soon the all-loving King was taken by His people to face a gruesome, horrifying death.

So much blood spilled…

So much horror…

And still…

So much love.

The King’s thoughts rang out through the boy’s head as he watched His people torture the King.

“But I love you.”

They spit on Him.

“I… still… love… you…” He was growing weak.

They left Him in pain and suffering for three days.

“I will always love you.”

The boy could take no more. He removed the ring and dropped it, losing his balance while doing so. He fell from the mast, tears streaming down his face.

He made no noise.

No scream for help.


Everything was in slow motion to him.

Why? How could such a love be subject to such hatred?

The ring landed on the ship.


The boy just nearly missed the side of the ship before hitting the water.


This alerted the others to the fact that the boy had not been around in awhile. They all stopped what they were doing and ran to where they had heard the splash. There the boy laid face down in the water.

The soldier was the first to act. It was as if he had been trained for this moment all his life. Quickly he dived into the water with perfect form and grabbed the boy. He was no longer radiating with light. The others threw out a rope to them and pulled them in.

The doctor was next. He kneeled over the boy and began to do all in his power to revive him. It was quite a fall he had taken and it was possible that there was more damage done to him than that of a simple drowning case.

Everyone circled around, hoping, praying, waiting for some kind of life to return to the boy.

And fortunately…

It did.

The boy coughed out the water he had taken into his body and he somehow didn’t have a scratch on him from the fall- despite the fact he should have been dead from it. The boy rolled over to his side and saw the ring lying on the ship. He ran quickly ran over and grabbed it. The others stared at him in confusion. The boy knew that what he had seen had to be shared.

It was meant to be shared.

He told them of how he had snuck into the bright door and how he found the ring there. He told them of the love he had seen in the King and how the evil in the world tried to kill his perfect love, but never did. Sure, the evil had killed the King as a person, but not the King’s love.

The scientist walked over to the boy. He asked for the ring. Being a scientist, he wanted proof. He could not simply just believe this story. The boy was reluctant at first for he did not want anyone else to have to go through the horrifying things he had just witnessed. But finally he handed it over. The scientist took a deep breath and tried it on.


Hope in the other’s faces faded as they saw the scientist grow angry. Why had the boy lied?

The boy grabbed the ring back. He explained that now that he knew of the King’s story it was his responsibility to tell others of it and that they would just have to believe him. And perhaps if they believed him, then the ring’s power would work. That was it! To put that ring on without belief is to ask the ways of the mystical to follow the rules of science.


That was it.

That was what it took to make the ring work.

But now it was growing late and the ignorant adults decided it was time to eat dinner. Let the boy have his fantasies.

When the crew was done eating they decided that perhaps now they would go and check the mysterious door. But the sun was getting ready to set and no moon or stars had seemed to come out yet.

Or maybe they were never going to come out…

The only light left at this point was that of their dim lanterns. Everything else was pitch black. Then there was another large noise and the ship shook once again. It sounded as though water was pouring out of somewhere, but where? The scholar looked over the side of the ship and came to realize that all of the water that was once below them had fallen away. There was nothing but a circle of blackness below them and they were still stuck. There was still water all around them, but not under them.

They were hovering in mid air.

That’s when they heard it. The horrifying piercing screams of those creatures. Those noises. The crew looked around at each other. What was going on? Something had just landed in front of the scientist. He held his lantern up and saw a distorted face staring back at him. The creature had wings and sharp teeth that never stopped gnashing. It breathed heavily in front of him and had a rotten stench.

“No oNe tO sAVe YOu,” it said. “No oNe to gIVe YOu loVE.”

The boy yelled. It was the demons he had seen in the memories! They loved hatred. They loved evil. They loved darkness. And now they were going to feast on them just as they had done with the captain’s crew who had written about this location in the legend. What was once such a beautiful and vibrant world had now become dark and ugly. It had become Hell.


Demons flooded out of the open space below the boat screeching loudly before landing on the ship. Hundreds of them pushed the crew into a circle. So this was the scientific mystery of the door in the sky was it? It was a religious experience. There was no scientific explanation. It just IS.

The boy yelled at the creatures in the pain of remembering the King’s death. The demons chuckled and smiled at the boy’s pain. The scientist turned to the boy.

“I believe.”

All of the sudden, the homeless man’s ragged clothes glowed with bright light. His whole body radiated just as the boy’s had earlier, but this man lit up the entire earth. The demons covered their eyes and screamed. The man was glowing with more than light. He was glowing with power and authority!

“WhO iS tHIs MaN?” they cried.

“I am the King,” He replied. “The one who was, is, and is to come.”

The demons began to blister in the brilliant light. “It CAn’t BE! WE kiLLed yOu!”

“Fear me demon! You have no power over me or my people! They have the same authority to rid you just as I do!”

The demon screamed and quickly jumped off of the boat into the eternal abyss.

The crew fell at his feet immediately, calling Him King.

So many questions.

So few answers.

So much confusion.

So much…


The King looked to the scientist. “Now, my friend, you see the power of belief.” He looked around at the rest of the crew. “There is good in all of you here. I see it in your lives, your professions, your attitudes. But the only way to truly unlock that love and goodness is to believe in my existence. I am the definition of true love and true goodness and I am currently building a Kingdom away from here. I want the whole earth to join me there. I will let anyone and everyone in, as long as they believe in me and live for me here on earth in love and goodness. Anyone who doesn’t do so will live among those demons in their kingdom for that is the life they have lived for here on earth. Please, my friends… Please, don’t let that happen. The entire earth is made of my people. I cannot stand to have them live among Hell’s kingdom.” A tear fell from the King’s eye. “Please tell them about me. I love you all and I will always be with you. We will meet again soon.”

Just then, water returned beneath the boat and it rumbled back into place. The King vanished as the boat moved out of the mystical realm it had been in.

The crew was silent.

There was so much to bring back home with them.

Who would believe their tale?

Who would consider them insane?

None of them cared.

This crew was not going to let the King’s people fall into that demonic abyss.

This crew had just experienced love at its fullest.

And love moves people…

This story represents that of Jesus Christ.


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