Funny… Isn’t It?

It’s quite funny really… We wake up every morning and gaze out onto the face of what we call earth and we take it all for granted. Scientists try to create theories of how all of this just “happened.“ But take a minute and think about it. What’s the chances we were randomly placed in the exact spot where life could exist? Where the sun was placed close- but not close enough to burn us up? Or how about the fact that it’s just the right distance that it doesn’t freeze the world over either?



Funny how the soil was created in such a way that vegetation could plant it’s roots and grow up so beautifully. How a simple little seed smaller than our finger nail can look so boring, yet find a way to grow up into a beautiful rose. Or how the mountains were carved into… well, mountains. Or how the water just happened to be made as a plentiful and essential element that has kept and continues to keep us alive.



Funny… isn’t it?


Funny how you were carved into something so beautiful. How you were given so much. A brain to control thoughts. A heart to control the flow of blood. Fingers to work with, write with, create music with. Feet to move with, carrying us from one place to the next, putting more miles on a person’s body than any car could last. How about arms to reach out with. Funny how often we use them in reverse manner to tear down.



Funny how we have emotions. Next time you wake up, use them. Look at the world with a different manner. Not as an every day thing that we walk upon but as a beautiful creation molded by the One much greater than anyone or anything. Funny how these emotions made us able to see beauty. Funny how we use these emotions and really anything in the world including our emotions to turn it all against God who handed all His creation to us.



You know what’s really funny? God sent the most Beautiful Thing in the world to die for what He saw more beautiful than anything else. He valued this over everything. Imagine you had a son whom you raised for years into something you grew to love. Perhaps you need to take time to think about that or perhaps you’re already in the situation.

Now imagine having to let them go. Not off to college or to another country, but to let them go to their death. Not for no reason, but for the thing you loved more than anything else. I seem to recall of a Man who did that.



You want to know what God had to lay down? His son… He had to let Him go through the most painful death story humanity has ever heard of. You know who for?






Funny… Isn’t it?


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