The Tabernacle Worship Experience

Tabernacle Worship Explanation

The worship service I have planned is related to the Tabernacle in the Bible. I have created a journey from the Inner Court of the Tabernacle into the Holy of Holies. I have tried to plan this journey in a way that will educate the congregation on what exactly the Tabernacle was and what took place there. At the same time, I have tied worship songs and activities into the themes so that people can hopefully experience the Tabernacle themselves.

We will start a CD about 30 minutes before we start that consists of very ambient music. This will help to set the tone of how Holy this place is supposed to be and it will help people to calm themselves before God and meditate on Him before we even start. There will also be a 30-minute countdown going. This is not just to tell people that we’re about to start, but to get them excited for that final minute when we come to worship God. The second and last track on the CD builds up very emotionally at the end and as soon as it cuts out, so will the countdown and we’ll begin worship.

Also, as people come in they will take their shoes off at the door in order to set the tone for what is going on inside. Those who know the story of Moses taking off his sandals will understand the significance of it, but we will also have a sign at the entrance with the Bible verse about the sacred ground He was on for those who don’t know. There will also be a pile of rocks at the entrance. People are to grab one rock for an activity that will soon take place.

When the countdown and prelude music had ended, we will play Vision of You by Shane and Shane. This song is all about inviting the Trinity to meet with us as we worship and I think this is a great way to start off worship. Now I would actually like to emphasize more of the Father as we go throughout the Tabernacle as Jesus hadn’t been on earth quite yet, but I find it would be significantly important to emphasize the entire Trinity to join us before we journey into the rest of the Tabernacle. After we finish singing this song, the pastor of the church, or the “guide” as I am calling him, will come up to give a speech on the first room of the Tabernacle as we play the chords of the next song softly in the background. The guide will explain how in the first room there is an altar to God, which represents total consecration and a washing basin that represents purity.

Next he will explain the purpose of the rock activity. He will have people write something on the rock with a permanent marker that is currently weighing them down tonight and keeping them from really experiencing God. Since people many times come to activities such as this with heavy sins on their heart, this will help them get it out of the way right at the very start so it won’t bother them as much throughout the rest of the service. This is also their way of consecrating themselves. Throughout the next song, people will be welcome to coming to the front of the church and putting their rocks in a pool—symbolically casting their sins into the sea as God does. The next song “Here Am I” will relate to consecration while the song after it, “Refiner’s Fire” will relate to purity.

After we sing these songs and do this activity, the guide will return to explain the next room, “The Holy Place,” as we play quietly in the background. The guide will explain the significance behind the menorah, the cakes of bread, and the altar of incense. There will be physical examples of these on the stage as well. This explanation will make the next three songs related to the three themes that these items represent: the Holy Spirit, the fellowship of believers, and prayer. In relation to these things, we will play Freedom Reigns, Yearn, and Give Us Clean Hands. However, we will altar Yearn only slightly. We will change all the words that say “I” to “we,” because it would make it more of an awesome fellowship song for this purpose.

The guide will return again to talk about the Ark of the Covenant inside “Holy of Holies.” What we want to do here is create an atmosphere so powerful that people can really understand the holiness of God. He will explain how a priest could die by entering this room and through his language paint a realistic scene. This will make the next three songs Revelation Song, Glorious and Our God Reigns incredibly powerful, as people will really understand the Holiness they are singing about.

Now that we’ve talked so much about the Father, we will have the guide come up again and explain the glory of the Son and how the tabernacle is seen in light of Him. He will speak of forgiveness for everyone and explain how he or she can experience the Holy of Holies for themselves and become a Tabernacle for God. The band will play in the back ground as he talks and he will go on to explain and offer communion. The band will then sing My Chains Are Gone as they take communion.

The guide will talk one last time when this is done about how people will part after God would forgive their sins in the Tabernacle. The guide will motivate and stir up in the congregation the need to cheer as loud as the possibly can for God and the band will start playing a song called Party. After that they will play Dance in the River and everyone will celebrate that their sins have been forgiven. The pastor will return one last time to give parting words and a prayer and the band will play Dance in the River as people walk out.

Tabernacle Worship Outline



  • Start 30 Minute Countdown
  • Prelude Music on CD
  • Brian Eno
  • Song: 1/1
  • Album: Ambient 1: Music for Airports
  • Andy Hunter & Robbie Bronnimann
  • Song: The End
  • Album: Expelled
  • Activity
  • Have People Leave their Shoes at the Door.
  • They will also grab a rock from a pile at the entrance.


The Inner Court



  • Worship Through Music
  • Vision of You
  • Guide
  • The guide explains the theme of the night and then goes on to explain the significance of the altar and the laver.
  • Activity
  • The guide will have people take the rock the brought in, write a sin on it, and throw it in a pool at the front (idea from Online Labyrinth).
  • Worship Through Music
  • Take My Life (And Let It Be)
  • Refiner’s Fire


The Holy Place



  • Guide
  • The guide explains the significance behind the menorah, the cakes of bread, and the altar of incense.
  • Worship Through Music
  • Freedom Reigns
  • Yearn (change all I’s to we)
  • Give us Clean Hands


Holy of Holies





  • Guide
  • The guide will come up after the previous song and explain Jesus in light of what they have just learned about the Tabernacle. The guide will explain communion in light of what they have just learned about the Tabernacle.
  • Worship Through Music
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
  • Activity
  • Communion




  • Activity
  • Have the congregation cheer as loud as they possibly can for God (idea from Rob Bell)
  • Party Through Music
  • Party
  • Dance in the River


Parting words




Songs and Whatnot:











8 thoughts on “The Tabernacle Worship Experience

  1. The picture in the post should help you with that :)
    Here’s the basics:

    An Altar
    A Laver (Basically a washbasin to wash your hands)
    A Candlestick (Somewhat like a Jewish Menorah)
    A table for bread
    The Ark of the Covenant

    Hope that helps!

  2. Thank you this is absolutely fantastic. I am going through the Bible verse by verse chapter by chapter and have to read and reread to get the full picture of the Tabernacle. This picture really brings it together. I am excited. Especially when I now know the details of the meaning – it’s so mind blowing. How the God symbolizing Deity -God, Brass – judgment, Silver -redemption – the number of curtains, how they are sewn together, the significances of every detail- nothing is without meaning. So thank you so much for the details you have put together. God Bless – Dianne

  3. Glad you liked it! Yeah, the Old Testament is CRAMMED with symbolism. One of the Old Testament classes I took at school was by far one of my favorite classes of all time just because I finally got to realize how much meaning there is that I would have missed just reading it by myself.

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