The Healing Gift

I had a lot of dreams in one night about a week ago or so. But there is one piece in particular to one of my dreams that I would like to elaborate on. Lately I’ve been hoping that I could be used by God to heal people. I know that God uses people to do this all the time and there’s a movie that I watched recently that just makes me all the more anxious to do so. It’s full of miracles happening right in front of the camera.

A film by Darren Wilson

In fact, this past Sunday at church, someone had a very large cart fall on his leg and my friend and I went to pray for him. Despite the fact that I know God can heal someone instantly, I still get nervous in trying such things. His leg was really quite wounded so we prayed for it and later I explained that I would like to try again. A lot of Christians aren’t aware that God still does such miracles and so when I told him I wanted to pray for him again because I really believed that healing could happen I didn’t expect him to think too much about it. So we prayed once again, but I apparently still have learning to do about these situations.

But I was wrong in thinking he wouldn’t understand. He shared with my friend and I a story about when God healed his ex-wife’s hand. She had done something to her wrist and so he prayed for it and instantly it was fine.

But back on the subject of dreams—I had a dream that God was able to use me to heal people. My personality had become quite soft, as I knew God had trusted me to do such things and I wasn’t sure that people would understand. People would come to me asking for healing and I would pray for them and God would just heal them.

It was strange, but I got incredibly close to these people within terms of physical distance. They were all men I believe and they would lay their heads on my shoulder and I would lay my head on their head and pray for them to be healed and God would fix their problems.

One person came up to me, unsure as how to ask, but wanted to know if I could pray for him to be a better swimmer. He saw this power and hoped it could help him in such a way but his hopes were for himself. I said that that wasn’t really how it worked but I would be willing to pray for him.

So I prayed that he would be able to glorify God through his swimming and that he would be willing to give all of his swimming career over to God. The guy freaked out not wanting to be like that and backed away saying never mind.

It was an embarrassing moment in the dream, but it was so awesome to see people recognize the face of God. This person maybe didn’t want to be a Christian in the dream, but he was scared to death of this prayer because he at least acknowledged God’s existence.


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