A Call to Holiness—Little Big Planet Style

In the not too distant past, the greatest video game to ever be created hit the shelves. This game was known as:

Little Big Planet

Throughout this game, Stephen Fry narrates how to play the game and explains the world that you have now entered. Awhile back we were working on some ideas as to what we could do for a Prop Shop Worship at Spring Arbor University and I was asked to make a video about holiness. My original idea was to do a little spoof on this game but due to time I never quite got around to it. However, I had written a script that I planned on reading with a British accent like Stephen Fry. Unfortunately my accent isn’t that great, but I have attempted to read it and I now have the MP3 here on my blog for you to listen to. That having been said, you may now listen to it on this post and if you’d like to read the script, I posted it not to long ago on this blog. Just scroll down a couple entries!

Download A Call to Holiness

Don’t want to download it? Stream it below!

For those of you noobs:


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