Being a Fruit (Or LJPPKGFGS)

Yesterday, there was a bit of talk about the fruit of the Spirit at church and I got to thinking… “How often does my personality relate to what the Spirit looks like?” And then I also got to thinking… “Not much really.” I mean, when I come face to face with a difficult situation, I don’t always respond with the nine attributes I should:


Man, I do so much driving that there are not many times I respond with love in my rearview mirror glares. And when my friends start to drive me crazy, gentleness is not typically the response. There’s little  joy for new work dates and no patience for the internet.

And so I came up a plan. It was a scheme so elaborate that years later I would be given an award only equal to that of the emmy’s and possibly offered a seat in the white house for the position of oh… let’s say the president. The plan was that when I left church, I would go get a tattoo on my hand that said the following:


To the world, it would be gibberish. In a mirror image such as the one above, it would mean nothing. But to me—it would mean EVERYTHING! WHAHAHAHAHA!

Anywho, I didn’t get a tattoo or nothing. But I did write it on my hand and it actually helped me throughout the day. There were a couple times I really needed to demonstrate some of the fruit of the Spirit and suddenly I would remember it was on my hand. There were also times where I’ve failed. Maybe I should start making tally marks on my failures below whatever letter I failed in. Yes! That could be both helpful and depressing!

Either way, I really need to work on these characteristics. After all, if Christians are separated from the rest of creation by the Holy Spirit and we don’t live in ways that portray the Spirit’s fruit, how the crap are people ever going to see the difference?

So, go buy yourself a lovely LJPPKGFGS tattoo and join me in the battle of:


I will now go play an intense game entitled Droplets in which I shall test my patience. But first I must test my gentleness in kicking my friend off of my PS3.


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