Celebrity Addictions

I love Coldplay. However, I was a little behind in my fandom as “Clocks” was the first song I had ever heard by them. I was mesmerized by the piano part, especially since no man-band really ever used a piano as a main instrument at the time. Since then, I have come to own all of their main albums (even though I never got the thousands of b-sides and singles) and in the past year I got a chance to see their Viva La Vida tour. Truly amazing.

(Click on the pic to download their free live album if you have not yet done so.)

Never before has there been such a wonderful and creative combination of lights, music, video, confetti, and other random visuals at a concert. And never before had I felt such a strong sense of celebrity addiction moving throughout the audience. It put a very strange feeling in my body as literally thousands of people were pouring out their praise for their music. So much cheering for four guys. Not sure why it took so long to feel that way. I’ve watched tons of live DVDs, been to dozens of concerts, and played plenty with my own band.

Then there was this one moment where the addiction became real. The band moved off the stage over to a mini acoustic set in the back of the stadium. Now the audience was literally inches away from the band. And there was this one dude in particular right behind him trying so hard to touch Chris Martin. Jokingly Chris Martin said into his microphone, “I think I’m being molested.” We all laughed, but the dude didn’t stop. While they played the next song the guy kept yelling to Chris to get his attention, somehow unaware that they were in the middle of a song. Cameras were going off all around the band and the dude continued to reach and yell for Chris. I continued to feel strange in my spirit as this nailed my feelings home.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in now way whatsoever dissing my favorite band. I’ve been following Coldplay for a long time now and love their music. But I hope that we as Christians can see some things in this quick little story. We need to be careful to not turn our worship to our celebrity addictions among other things.

On top of that we can also apply the overused football analogy that I have heard so many times in the past decade. Why is it so easy for us to cheer our butts off for our favorite celebrities and sports teams, but when we get to church we stare awkwardly at the stage. Or to say it differently, why is it so easy for us to worship our butts off for our favorite celebrities and sports teams, but when we get to church we stare awkwardly at the stage. It’s like we don’t even know God’s there. And then we leave church saying, “I didn’t get anything out of that today.” Well it seems to me that if we’re not willing to provoke the Holy Spirit to do something, He may as well figure that we didn’t want to get anything out of church in the first place.

We all need to grow up—myself included. I have come to realize that it’s easier for me to worship when on stage for some reason but not as easy when I’m not playing an instrument. I need to cut that out. After all, where two or more are gathered in His name, there God is and until we acknowledge that I’m afraid we’ll stay content with apathetic worship.

So, in conclusion I would like to encourage ourselves this week to “worship our butts off.”

More thoughts on this whole deal yo:


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