When Jews Meet Jesus

This is kind of random, but I was thinking yesterday about how awesome it must feel to be a Jew who comes to Christ. Just imagine having grown up your whole life being taught the Old Testament with the promise that the Messiah was coming, yet that promise was never fullfilled or still has yet to happen in their belief.

And then one day, a person of Jewish faith comes to realize that Jesus fullfilled everything they have been waiting for. Can you imagine how exciting the New Testament would be? It would be like it is all happening right now! There would be a brand new ending/continuation to everything they ever knew.

There’s an awesome Jewish Christian named Sid Roth who always talks with such amazement about Jesus whenever he says anything about Him at all. And why not? He now knows the truth and is dying to share it. I wish we would talk with that kind of enthusiasm. Go to iTunes and watch his show, “It’s Supernatural.” It’s amazing.

My friend, Ephram, went on a trip to share the news of Jesus with Jews and apparently they were very interested in hearing the news of Jesus which is quite suprising to myself and perhaps it is to you, too. Let’s make sure we keep them in prayer and even more so, try to find a way to let them know.


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