God is in the Details

Have you ever watched Eureka? If you haven’t, allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite shows.

Basically, Eureka is a little town consisting of the world’s top scientists. They create the world’s craziest inventions, travel through time, and perhaps their most amazing feat was finding the cure for the common cold.

Quite awhile back now there was an episode called “God is in the Details,” which was probably the most surprising episode I had ever seen in the show. Whereas most shows about science would do everything they could to disprove God, this show actually made some of the scientists beleivers. The basic reasoning, if I remember correctly, was that these scientists saw that the world was so complex that God had to be behind it.

I love it.

I’m not good in science classes. I get confused quite often. But at the same time, the more I learn about how complex our world is, the more of God’s genius I see, which is where lyrics such as these come from:

Background Verse
Autumn colours
Autumn colours washing down
Shades of green
Fading to red, changing brown
Autumn colours
Catch it ‘fore it hits the ground

Verse 2*
The trees of the forest will be
Coloured vibrantly
And all this vegetation will sing
Your complex simplicity

Just open up your eyes
And soon I think you’ll find
The truth that is inside
Tonight, tonight

*I am Jamin. Therefore I have memorized so many songs I forget much of them. Hence, verse 1 has been skipped.


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