In the Name of Jesus

Now I’ve talked about this quite a bit now, but allow me another chance to say a few things.

Let’s face it. Here in America we are surrounded by educated people who work in educated buildings and lead educated lives. They understand things and have a nice little tidy way of explaining things. And when something doesn’t make sense they hire people like Dr. Gregory House to figure it out. And then in the last 5 minutes of a patient’s life, they stop in the middle of our sentence, stare off in the distance and figure out the answer to all life’s problems. Unless, of course, that problem is dating our best friend, in which case he or she will have to die for the sake of drama, forcing us to look elsewhere for a new best friend. Perhaps we will even pay a PI to be our friend.

But… I digress.

When we tell educated people about God and the miracles and events we have seen or heard, they tend go explain it off by means of science or some other avenue. For example, I’m sure if I told some people about the storm system that was headed for us at a Christian festival and how it made a hole right above our heads and didn’t hit us, some would see that as chance or create some theory as to why.

I would probably get the same reply if I told a story about healing.

To many people all we are is a faith. We have a belief about the past and accept it by faith. And I would also say that many Christians would agree that this is the case. It seems that not too many people would ever think that God is willing to offer any more than simple faith.

But what if He is?

When Jesus walked the earth, He did not just say “I am the Messiah. Just believe it because that’s all you’re getting.”

No man! Jesus poured out His love in different ways! And not just normal ways. Jesus went beyond the realm of simple faith and gave hardcore evidence that He was the real deal! He wasn’t one of the many fake messiahs roaming around at the time, He was Jesus Christ the healer, prophet, and deliverer and He proved it through the power of God. And now He has risen from the grave, leaving us to be His image, because for us to live is Christ and to die is gain.

You see, it goes beyond faith because God decided that we too, can have the same power Jesus did. As we believe in Him and take on the name “Christian,” we are empowered to heal, prophesize, and deliver in the name of Jesus Christ. In the NAME of Jesus Christ.

So when you go and pray for someone’s tumor in the name of Jesus Christ and it instantly shrinks down to nothing, you want to try to explain that off? And when you go to cast out demons in the name of Jesus Christ and people watch the person being delivered begin to act quite strange and be delivered and possibly healed, you want to try to figure out an explanation for that? Or maybe you prophesize in the name of Jesus Christ and it comes true, just mere coincidence?

Dr. Bailey had a great take on miracles. He would explain that many of the miracles that happened with Moses can be explained by science and then asked us the question, “so where is the miracle?” His answer would then be that it was proclaimed beforehand. Moses said there would be a blackout and it happened. Moses said the water would turn to blood and it happened. Now we may not always be able to explain miracles, but we see that when we ask things to happen in Jesus name, they do. We say what will happen beforehand and it happens.

Now don’t hear me wrong, I am not dissing simple faith in the slightest bit. You have to have faith (sometimes a lot) to live a Christian life. However, God is totally cool with giving us more than that in many cases. And in some cases that is what the educated needs to see, because it can be hard for many to believe some dude long ago came from Heaven, was born to a virgin, performed miracles, died for the world, and then came back to life. Why not prove it to them?

And when you do something in the name of Jesus and it happens, that means God allowed it to and that He wanted to. We have to allow Him to work through us in order to do it though, so pray with power that you will let Him display Himself in a way our era has yet to see.


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