Hot Tub Baptism

Something kind of strange for me just happened a couple of minutes ago and it’s worth writing about. My friend Taylor was baptized as a youngin’ of 2 months old or so. He has brought up the idea of just getting baptized in the moment but I’ve always told him to get it done soon at church.

Well, we ended up doing it differently instead. A lot of churches now a days seem to wait to baptize people until they can get a handful of people to do it all at once. And then a lot of times it isn’t a spontaneous invitation, it’s just those people.

Well, Taylor and I were in the hot tub tonight and he wanted me to baptize him, one believer to another. By far the most awkward baptism ever. I didn’t see it coming before that moment. And on top of that, it was weird to think of myself on the other side of a baptism, but we decided to awkwardly do it, under the circumstance that he still get one at a church, as I felt he should do. Partially as more of a public profession and partially because I was afraid I would do it wrong.

And so I nervously reached over to the top of his head and sadly turned it into a bit of a joke to help my awkwardness.

“Do you believe in Jesus” I said in a strange voice which I now regret having used. He answered yes and so in the name of Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit I pushed him under water.

We are now just chilling and he said he feels strangely more relaxed than usual, and I’m glad my eyes have been opened in a way I wasn’t expecting tonight.

If you’re looking to get baptized, go ask your church to do it immediately. No need to wait until they throw their once a year baptism party. Ask them to do it at the next service. And invite others who want to do the same to do so!


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