Secular Worship

Quite awhile back I had been watching Britain’s Got Talent with Jodi when a string quartet came on the stage. I thought it was going to be horrible, but instead the music was amazing.

Now, I was listening to Pandora the other day at work when this song came on and I wrote it down to remember to look it up later, not entirely sure if it was the same people. I found the song on iTunes, bought it, and a couple minutes later bought the whole album because it is some of the most beautiful violin music I’ve ever heard. It’s so beautiful at times that my eyes actually started watering hardcore the next morning on the way to work.

“How can music be this beautiful?” I wondered as some dude was trying to fly around me on the highway. “Guard your eyes, show him you’re a man.”

And then a story came to mind from a long time ago. My friend Mark Dusseau told me an awesome story. He and his friend had gone to a secular concert and right in the middle of it he turned to his friend who had his hand high in the air. My response was the same as his at the time:


Mark’s friend explained to him that when he hears the musicality of what’s going on on stage, all he can do is worship.

I guess I’ve been chewing on this story for a year or two now, but this week I have come to finally have a true revelation about it. Because when I listen to this secular, instrumental, violin quartet, it somehow pushes me into worship. The beauty of music and the potential that God has put into it surrounds me when I listen to it and I begin to be amazed by Him.


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