A Masterpiece

After a long morning at church, a little girl came up to me to give me something:

Kid Card

It had been one of those mornings where it seemed that our worship was not very alive and fairly stagnant and I was really upset about it all. Then in just a few seconds, this little girl changed my morning around. She had given me a gift. And the best part about it was that it wasn’t even about me! It was about loving God and loving Jesus, and it was a true work of art.

And it was convenient too, because Steve had been talking about in his message how some of us cannot sing well at all. Yet, when we sing to God He hears our bad singing as a masterpiece. And then He went on to talk about how when a kid makes a craft for a parent, the parent sees it as a masterpiece despite what it may look like.

And since I’m not a parent, it seems that God wanted me to understand this simple fact today. And so a child gave me a piece of art. In one piece of cut out construction paper it held the most genuine worship I had seen all morning.

And it is truly a masterpiece.


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