Bizzare Nature

So I’ve been working on a radio station called Home.FM for about a month now and while I’ve been looking for good stories to share, I have come across some of the most bizzare creations God has made that I was never aware of. Now I thought I’d share just a quick few with you:

Morning Glory Clouds

Yes, these are circular clouds. They can stretch up to 600 miles and move at 35 mph. No one can figure out what causes them.

Gigantic Jets

Lightning bolts that upwards from clouds rather than downwards. They are upside down and very powerful. They are hard to find and therefore, not too much is known about them.

Bomb Worms

These worms drop the glowing circles by their head in order to distract enemies. They then move backwards as the enemy tries to attack the “bombs” it left.


The Jerboa is perhaps the cutest looking animal ever next to a sandshrew. It’s ears are really quite big.

Star-Nosed Mole

Uh… the pictures speaks for itself.

Bioluminescent Bacteria

This is bacteria that glows and can causes water and waves to glow an awesome blue.


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