Generational Sin

Yes, I know I’ve had quite a few posts about demons in the past couple weeks or so, but something came to my attention in psychology 100 today and I wanted to share it. Check out this story that my psych teacher shared in class:

There are twins who were separated at birth. Both end up marrying a woman with the same name. Both end up naming their kid the same name. But most importantly to my point, both had the same legal problems. And perhaps more importantly, so did their parents.

The teacher then asked the class which of the following we thought was the main reason behind why this might happen:

  • Nature
  • Nurture
  • Both

My response: both and the missing option, generational sin.

Yes, generational sin is Biblical (See Exodus 34:7) and anyone who knows a thing or two about delivering people from demons likes to point it out. You see, one of the ways people inherit demons is right though their bloodline. Their father and/or mother struggled with a specific problem or demon and due to generational curses, demons have been given a door to move into the children because demons tend to move throughout families.

Perhaps you’ve noticed? Maybe you never realized it was demons, but perhaps you noticed that families seem to have reoccuring struggles throughout their bloodline.

Their parents were alcoholics.
Their children became alcoholics.
Their children’s children became alcoholics.
And so on and so forth.

Yes, parents raising their kids up in the wrong way is also part of the effect, but the story about these twins proves all the much more about what I’ve read about generational curses.

I would say it’s a cool God thing that these twins married and birthed same named people, but I see the hatred of satan trying to trip up this family through generational curses—especially since these twins never even really knew their parents. If the story is accurate then I believe they were separated at birth showing that these generational curses are really quite instant as the same problems were inherited outside of the nurture of their struggling parents.

We need to begin to break the bonds of generational curses. Pray for it. Pray with power. Ask God to clean you of the invisible forces that have been affecting you, perhaps even so early as your birth.

Oh, and ask others to pray for you as well.

We’ll duke out the demons together.

And on another note, I may be using my new friend here to bring theology to my blog in the future. Keep your eyes peeled ;)

Jerry Jerboa


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