Gold Dust

You ever hear of gold dust? It’s a phenomena that happens sometimes when God feels like having it happen. It just randomly shows up, sometimes on people, sometimes on Bibles and it’s a sign and a wonder. I had never heard about it until I saw this movie which everyone needs to watch. If you’ve already seen it, then you might want to know I just discovered that they’re making a new movie too!

But in any case, I was at an event tonight to learn how to pray for the sick because next Monday there’s an event in which I will be doing so. In order to have a practice run, Dr. Brewer asked someone to come up who was sick so that they could pray for him or her and so my buddy Andy went up to get his sinuses prayed for. Then randomly one of the girls asked him to open his hands and then said “oh look!”

You good ol’ neighborhood J-man was sitting about mid room when the thought popped into his head…

“No way… does Andy have gold dust? If he does I am going to be so jealous…”

And I was.
Because he did.

Gold dust! In the same room that i was in there was gold dust! Something I never thought I’d see with my own eyes! And on top of that, we all went up to pray and wait to be anointed when other people were getting gold dust. I continued to pray and was still quite jealous when all of the sudden my finger started to glitter a little. And then some other fingertips started to glitter a little bit.

I was totally awestruck. All I could do was stare at my hands and thank God and pray more and more. There was a little bit of Heaven on my hands! It was so weird! And awesome!

And Divine!

Then Brewer came up and without me saying anything, told me quite a bit about myself in his prayer for me, which was another God thing.

And then another girl that I haven’t really met prayed for me, and told me that she felt like I was supposed to pursue prophecy and really look into it. She said something about it maybe not being for everyone else, but at least for my relationship with God, which definitely caught me off guard. I had been pursuing God in that direction, but wasn’t really sure how much he wanted to use me in that area so I kinda stopped.

But now that journey starts again and I know where to pick up. I got a book on my shelf, and some audio I need to buy from Bethel.

And I’m sure I’ll have more fun stories for you after Monday :)


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