The Healing Service


“Jamin, you’ll be with me on team nine,” said an older and quite experienced man. And when I say experienced, what I mean is that he seemed as though he helped out with quite a few healing services.

Yeah, you know. Healing? That thing that Jesus did a ton of, told us to do the same and then for whatever reason we stopped practicing it?

Silly Christians. Healing is for kids!

Or so it would seem at times due to their incredible faith. A man told a story once about a bunch of children praying for healing for a woman who’s heart was not working well. When they removed their hands from her, there were fingerprints of gold dust across the woman’s shirt and her doctor informed her that she now had the heart of a 20-30 year old who was very, very fit.

The faith of a child is what we need have to heal. They don’t worry about it not working, they just do it! And healing is something we are all supposed to practice in our walk with God, not just children.

Perhaps we need to stop teaching children and let them teach us for once, because it is faith like their’s that God can use easily.

Again, healing is something we all need to practice. The youngins and the oldens; the middle-aged and the over-the-hillers.

“We’ll be divided into nine different groups,” the older man continued. “The people will be told to go to a group for healing in which the three people in your group will then pray for them. We’ve assigned one leader to each group so that you can have someone experienced that we trust to help you. You’ll be set up at stations around the gym and my group will wander around, helping out wherever it’s needed.” And then he added, “Ken, if we have any demonic manifestations, we’ll need you to leave your group and we’ll bring them into this workout room here for an exorcism.”

“You always give me the dirty work!” Brewer joked.

My whole life I knew something was missing from church and now I’m standing in this room thinking to myself, “Holy cow, are we actually having a casual conversation about this stuff?”

Going to church and actually experiencing God? When did that become so underground in the faith?

The schedule was explained and the New Zealand priest who was speaking introduced himself.

And he had the sweetest accent ever.
And I had hobbits on my mind all of the sudden.

We prayed some more.
Started the service.
Worshipped with some decently old songs .
Listened to a testimony of a woman who’s hand was healed at one of the previous healing services.
And the priest came up to speak.

And speak he did. He shared many stories about healings he had heard and seen and been apart of. Story after story after story. However, the story that stood out to me the most was about praying for a hankerchief. I can’t quite recall where it was in the Bible, but apparently if Paul couldn’t get out to someone to pray for healing, he simply prayed over a hankerchief for them. And then, when that hankerchief was put on it would heal the intended person. And the priest had had the same thing happen!

Praying over hankerchiefs? What?


Oh, and in case exorcism and healing isn’t different enough for you, there were also “Words of Knowledge.” Ever heard of these? These are when someone gets a word from God to share and this dude had a ton. A very, very specific ton of words to share. Basically they were descriptions of people at the service who needed healing and that they should come up if it was them. He had written all of these words of knowledge down before the event. Here’s bits and pieces of some I can remember to give you a few examples:

“There are three people here with problems of getting rid of waste. One of you suffers from constipation. Another one of you has bleeding problems…”

“Someone is here whom the names Bob and [Susan] mean a lot to. I don’t know if they’re friends or relatives…”

“Someone is here with a tattoo on your right leg, I don’t know where, but you also have [insert problem here].”

Okay, I remembered three, but there were a lot more. It actually seemed as though he had gotten enough words to give one to each person who had come for healing! Sadly, there weren’t as many people as we hoped would show up since it was raining pretty hardcore that night.

The people walked up to the priest for prayer and annointing and then would head to a group for further prayer. Unlike many people, the priest pulled a Jesus and kept all of his prayers short. If you ever noticed, Jesus literally commands sickness to go away and he does so very quickly. So the priest followed in his footsteps.

I was quite worried I wouldn’t really get a chance to do anything since I was a part of the wandering group. But God made sure I got a chance! Actually, I believe we prayed for just as many people as everyone else and it was an awesome experience! Myself, the older man, and one of my proffessors, Mojo, began praying for the sick.

A woman with a problem in her ear.
A man who’s friend was in constant pain.
A young man needing healing on his allergies.
A woman needing prayer for her daughter’s cancer as well as for her own.

So many people around us are looking for prayer, and God gave us the Holy Spirit so that He could help in ways like this if we are willing to let Him do so through us. Jesus died to free us, now we must die to ourselves to free Him.

Some of you are reading this right now and are quite skeptical. You’re not alone. I grew up that way. For 18 years or so I was completely in the dark on this stuff, but God placed on my heart a desire to learn it, and so I’m trying to understand. Prophecy, healing, exorcism, the whole deal.

Maybe you’re skeptical yet you do believe this stuff goes on. But perhaps you think it’s not for you, it’s just for those charismatic weirdos and God doesn’t have that kind of stuff in His plan for you.

Yet if you read the Bible you might find that it is the charismatic weirdos that seemed to live God’s plan in full.

If it makes you feel any better, I’m still very new to understanding the spiritual realm. I’ve been studying it, reading about it, listening to messages on it, trying to come to terms with it, but I got a long way to go.

And so I would like to pressure you right now to start trying to develop an understanding. It may be a long journey, but you will want to know this stuff- especially if you’re like many of us who are dying to experience God here on earth but have given up. We’ve been to church our whole lives, but it just seems so stagnant and boring and as if… something’s missing.

Oh, and some of you may just think I’m straight up from satan right now. Just want to let you know that God has a supernatural side to Himself and He’s willing to share it with you. Ask Him to open your mind to it.

No matter what your view is on all of this or what your life story looks like or what church traditions have taught you, I encourage you to read your Bible and keep your eyes peeled for this kind of stuff. You’d be amazed what the normal Christian life is supposed to look like and that it includes this kind of stuff.

Alright, I keep going on so I’ll try to wrap this up:

Our churches have become so bussiness-like and stagnant lately that I really believe it is the gift of the charismatic through which God will revive the church and Christian life through. So from one brother to another from a different mother, I really encoruage you to learn.

1,385 words later, I will now shut up. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about it. Peace out brusselsprouts!


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