Jews and Gentiles

Throughout the decades, people have debated if God turned His back on the Jews by simply allowing anyone to find salvation in Jesus. Because previously, God was the God of the Jews and no one else.

Except that’s not entirely true. By God’s saving grace (even in the Old Testament), cultures outside of the Jewish faith could find salvation and claim the God of the Jews as their own. You see, other cultures could, in a sense, be adopted into the family of the Jews. For example, servants from other cultures would serve the Jews and so long as they abided under the law and were circumcised among other things, they could officially become Jewish despite what they truly were.

I made a post on the genealogy of Jesus awhile back which is great proof of this. Whoda thunk Jesus’ relatives included people like Rahab and Ruth, both women who were not originally Jewish, but adopted into the culture. Do you see the foreshadowing?

And then, Jesus comes to fulfill God’s promise to Abraham that He would bless all nations. Under the new covenant, everyone can claim God as their own, just as they could before, but this time without having to become a Jew. There is new freedom in the new covenant.

You see, before the ordeal of Jesus, it was custom to become part of the line of the Jews to claim God as your own.

And after Jesus came, it was custom to become a part of the line of Christ in order to claim God as your own. Just like His own genealogy, we can all be adopted into this faith and claim God as our own.

Whether Jew or Gentile.
Whether Christian or Muslim.
Whether White or Black.
Whether Rich or Poor.
Whether Human or Zombie?

We can all make the royal line of Christ our own.


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