Gold Dust Correction & Angel Story

This blog ought to be quick so if you hate lots of typing, here we go. First off, I put up a post a bit ago about gold dust, which is a phenomena and anointing that God allows to happen at times. Now, when I made this post I said that it was randomly showing up on people’s hands at the healing training session I was at and this statement is true! However, I also made the claim that I had it, which I believe was false. I have come to the conclusion that what I thought was gold dust on my hands was actually sweat. And I had people confirm that tonight. I thought it was strange that it kept popping up on only my fingertips ever since and that it was there whenever I stared at them long enough. So I apologize for misleading you! It seems that the fingerprint part of your finger just sweats in a way that looks like gold dust.

At the end of prayer training tonight, a quick story was shared. You know the Canadian bridge right? Between Michigan and Canada? Well my professor took a team to Canada and when they were there one of the people lost their passport, which, of course, makes it difficult to get back across the bridge. So the team started praying for an angel to show up and allow them all to get back to America.* They arrived at the bridge, handed the person the passports they did have, and then the guy looked in the car and said, “Alright go on through.”

Oh yeah, and the guy was wearing a name tag that said “Angel.”

*I once accidentally pulled into the bridge to Canada. It’s a one way street and your pretty much in trouble if you take it. I got up to the booth said I didn’t mean to be here and so they told me to turn between some cones to get back to the other side and to hand something they gave me to the guy over there. I did so and that guy was a jerk.

I was already freaked out and he asked “Residence?”

“Uh… Michigan?”


“Um… Detroit?”


“Not Canada!”


Now I’m getting both scared and ticked. “America?”

“Good job.”

And now for what Jamin wanted to say but didn’t:
“Did you not know that Michigan is a part of America?”


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