Bringing the Trinity x2

I’ve been praying for dreams lately and this morning I had quite an odd one that I’m trying to interpret right now. Lots of baby  stuff and numbers which sounded like fair play for interpretation so here’s the basics:

The Story:
Not sure, but for some reason I feel like I was in a church sitting on a pew? Maybe? I believe that if I thought about having children I would get pregnant later on in the same day. In the course of one day I gave birth to six kids (two sets of triplets). I feel like I named them but all I can really recall is wanting to name the 4th one Jethro.

Key Symbols:
Baby— New: beginning; work; idea; the church; sin; innocent; dependant; helpless; natural baby. 1 Cor. 3:1; Isa. 43:19
Six— man, beast, satan
Two— Sign for witness, testimony, or unity
Three— Godhead, divine completeness
Pregnancy— In process, sin or righteousness in process, desire, anticipation, expectancy

From Book:
Dreams of Birth— Normally these dreams are not about an actual childbirth but rather about new seasons of purpose and destiny coming forth into your life. If a name is given to a child, pay close attention because
that usually indicates that a new season in the purposes of God is being birthed. While I say this, there are exceptions. I remember so fondly, when my wife was pregnant with our third child, Tyler hamilton, that she had a dream that she gave birth to a little girl named Rachel. I told her that was a symbolic dream. But true to form, she was right and I was wrong—child number four came along, and her name, of course, is Rachel! (Dream Language, Pg. 124)

Man, I wish I could remember the name of any of the first three kids! Because Jethro was a name I always wanted to give to a kid and so I know that is more from me than from God. Unsure as to if that has any significance. The fact that they were triplets is kind of weird, but it does make my mind draw towards a “Trinity” idea.

But the fact that I gave birth to two sets of triplets throws that off a bit. Maybe some kind of double blessing? Or since two means “witness, testimony, or unity,” maybe that somehow connects? Some kind of double something or other makes more sense to me in this case. And the fact that six means “man, beast, or satan” I would definitely hope that their combined number has little meaning.

My hopes would go for this interpretation:

God wants to start a new season of purpose and destiny in my life, in which I will be able to bring the Trinity into the world two fold.

I love how God speaks in riddles :) “Are you listening, Jamin? Because if you want to hear what I have to say, you have to pay close attention.”

Holy detective work.


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