Stop Watering Down Jesus

One of things I’m starting to realize about Christianity is that we make up some pretty misconstrued ideas in order to give the words of Jesus (and other Biblical authors) a meaning we want to believe, rather than the actual meaning behind the text. One of the greatest things about the Bible is that we get a chance to be detectives. If we want to learn how to be true Christians, we need to investigate for a better understanding. Sure, some hate this, but I actually find it quite enjoyable. However, since we’re all investigating these words on our own time and in our own way, we sometimes tend to come back with different ideas and answers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as there are plenty of lessons to be learned from the same stories, but when we start twisting things around for our own sakes, we rip the Spirit of God right out of the Words of God.

See, here’s the dilemma I’ve come to see quite a bit of over the past couple weeks:

  1. When Jesus speaks in parables, sometimes we don’t search deep enough to learn all that we can from what He has to say.
  2. But what annoys me more than anything is when Jesus speaks straight up about something and we try to turn it into something else! Why?

Because the life we’re expected to live as Christians is more than we’re willing to become!

So instead of trying to live that way, we water it down into nothing!

“Sure, Jesus said to be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect, but of course He didn’t mean it,” we say.

“That whole ‘turn your other cheek thing‘ wasn’t what Jesus meant. We can hurt people if we have to.”

No wonder we don’t look like Christians half the time—we keep altering the words of Jesus to sound like what we want it to, not what it is!

Just some thoughts to throw into your day. Investigate the Word with the Holy Spirit—NOT with demons. I’m sure they love to illuminate Scripture too. How do you think we get some of the most misconstrued ideas about Scripture and Christianity that we have?

Despite this rebuke, I am quite happy to see a generation rising up to take it’s place. Let’s just make sure we continue to gain a full understanding of Jesus and not water down His Words. After all, He did go through quite a bit to give us those Words.


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