So I have a video I made that I’d like to show you, but I’d like to preface it first. I had a thought at a communion service probably about 2 weeks ago that I wanted to make a video with a communion service in it. Then I started having communion more than usual and decided to focus the whole video on communion. One of my teachers whom we students call Dr. Mojo, had an optional communion service after class every Monday night. I ended up going to a couple and the other day we had the service at the end of class after watching a movie on the life of Henri Nouwen. Man that guy did a lot for God in his lifetime.

But some strange feeling swept over me during Communion. Something I had never felt before. It made me feel… weightless. I understood it to be the Holy Spirit working in me in a physical way I haven’t felt before. And then today, I was reading The Happy Intercessor by Beni Johnson. When I put the book down I had a feeling sweep over me again, which just occurred to me that it was really quite the same feeling. And then I passed out for about half an hour.

So now I present to you:
a communion video.



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