Raising the Dead

Been coming across some stories lately about God raising the dead and I thought you might be interested in reading/watching:

Dead Raised
In April we had a mission trip in route to Tecate, Mexico who happened across an accident just north of Los Angeles. A vehicle had blown its front tire and then plunged into the concrete divider in the median. The team was the second car on the scene and began to ask all the passengers involved if they were okay. As they went from one person to the next they came across a 9 month old baby who had been thrown from the car. He was laying face down across the lap of a lady who informed them that he was not breathing. The mother was crying out for her child and gave the team permission to pray. Finding no pulse or breath they began to command the baby back to life calling him by name (Albert). After a few minutes he twitched. He twitched again and fluttered his eyes. From that point on he began to breath and was in and out of consciousness. By the time the paramedics arrived he was alive and very mad about his new oxygen mask. Meanwhile the mother had given her life to Christ and the team had left; just another day in the Kingdom!

Fish Raised from the Dead
“Michael Addis of Columbus, Ohio said, “I am not a fisherman, but I now have my  own ‘fish story’ from God.” On Labor Day evening, he promised his youngest son they would get a couple more fish for their aquarium. Ten minutes after he released the fish into the tank, one went belly up. His seven-year-old son was very upset. Michael said, “Ian, it’s OK. That will be my fish.” Five minutes later, the fish was still floating. His wife said, “Maybe we should flush him down the toilet.” Michael said, “No, I still have my receipt. Maybe we can get our money back.”

Then righteous anger rose up in him, and he said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, live!”

Then righteous anger rose up in him, and he said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, live!” And he touched the fish and it jolted up and across the tank. Two of the kids saw it happen.

The last time he prayed for a pet fish (many years ago), it took him two hours to raise the fish from the dead.”*


Man Raised From Dead

May 9,2008
This testimony is from Michael Proctor of Elisha’s Request Ministries in Washington:

Greg, a man on our ministry team (healing rooms director in Bremerton), had been ministering to an unsaved man who had been in the hospital. Greg arrived at the man’s room in a rehab center, and the man was not in his bed.  At 5 p.m. the man was found breathless and pulseless (no vital signs) in the restroom. They pulled him into the room where the staff verified no signs of life. Paramedics arrived at 5:15 (brain death/damage occurs within about 5 minutes with no vital signs) and began resuscitation efforts, with little hope of success. Greg prayed as he followed the ambulance to the hospital. Forty minutes had passed since the man had been clinically dead, when suddenly he opened his eyes, fully awake and coherent! Greg was able to go to his room where he was admitted to the hospital and led him to the Lord. The man went home to heaven later that night.

Raised From The Dead

July 21,2009A child was raised from the dead after drowning in a pool.  The child had been under a long time and they were trying to resuscitate; there were believers praying and declaring life!  It was on the front page of the local newspaper.

Resurrection Life came to another person.  People were praying for here (but not in the room.) The person died on the table during surgery and the OR staff were  cleaning up and the person came back to life!  Yeah God!  Many were praying for this person.*

Here’s a long one about a woman being raised. Read it here if you’d like because it’s quite long to post up here.


It’s stories like all fo these that I can’t wait to see God do in front of me and stories like these that cause me continually try to pray for people’s healings, even when I don’t see anything. Actually, we had some dude speak out SAU chapel awhile back about kidney problems. Some friends and I went to pray for him. It’s initially a bit hard to ask, but once you finally get the faith to walk up to that person, sometimes you randomly get more courage than ever to pray.


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