Foot Pain? Pshaw!

Still stoked from all the miracles God did last night. We were at chapel band practice this morning when my buddy Rico says, “man my feet have been hurting forever now.” I turned, touched his foot and in about three seconds said something like, “God I pray you’d heal these feet right now,” and then turned back to my piano.

Rico chuckled and I pretty much did too. Then I started thinking about what just happened when all of the sudden I heard:

“Dude… They don’t hurt anymore…”

“Yeah, I know.”

It was awesome! God doesn’t always need a long prayer to heal something. Granted we had to pray about 7 times last night for someone before he was really feeling good, but this guy’s foot was healed in 3 seconds! It’s Biblical too! After all, Jesus did raise the dead with two words.

“Come forth.”

If that ain’t a quick prayer, I don’t know what is.


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