God is About to Unleash

God is totally about to unleash on this campus and I am stoked! You see, He has put on my heart to show “The Finger of God,” which I must have mentioned on this blog 100 times. I do so because it’s important and you should see it.

So go see it.

This movie has tons of healings in it and because of it, I have had the best night ever after seeing 3 (possibly 4!) healings. And that’s just tonight! That’s more than ever in my life!

So get this: the first healing tonight was at the end of the movie. Sid Roth comes on the screen during the credits to pray for healing. Now I had just heard in an interview with Darren Wilson that people had actually been healed during this portion of the movie, but have had yet to see it myself. I turned the movie off after this prayer, prayed for everyone who came, told them about an event with Mahesh Chavda that we are having November 18th, and also invited them to come to a group on Thursday nights where we learn these charismatic type things.

Then one girl came up to me after saying that she wanted to come to this group so that she could teach her youth group AND that she had been healed of a headache when Sid Roth commanded it to go away! I was completely stunned! I had been in a room where it had happened and could now share this story every time I showed it elsewhere!

Then, everyone who had made it to the ending at midnight on this fine Tuesday night, headed back to their dorms as I did also. I ran into the spiritual life advisor on my floor who asked if I wanted to pray for healing for another on my floor. I was totally up for it and we did! He had a fairly big pain in his ankle/calf and we prayed for it and it didn’t really seem like there was an progress.

So we stayed valiant and prayed again. Still not a whole lot but maybe a slight difference.

Again. A little more.

Again. A little more.

After about six times or so the pain was really starting to dissipate. We continued praying for 100% health and at this moment, he feels much much better. The pain is quite minimal and he could move it more and more after every prayer. Now things like standing on his toes might cause it pain, but that’s a huge difference compared to earlier.

Next we prayed for diabetes. We realized this would be harder to test, but we prayed regardless. I had mentioned something to the guys about listening for a word from God to pray about and one of the guys got one. I had forgotten to mention that God sometimes points out what to pray for by illuminating parts of our own bodies, but he caught on! There was a blood vessel in his head was pounding and so he began to pray for brain troubles that might have caused it just to find out that that was a big part of it. While we can’t firmly know if he has really been healed quite this early in this specific situation, we do know that he felt quite blessed—especially from this specific prayer.

Next we prayed for our spiritual life advisor’s hip. He was having a pain from his hip down to the bottom of his leg. It would pop out of place quite a bit and caused him enough pain to ask for prayer. And so we did. We kept it minimal at first. Two people prayed and that was it. We asked him to check it out. He felt great! In order to make it hurt at all he had to stretch it around quite a bit! We all prayed aloud together after this for 100% and after that he felt no pain.

Seriously, this campus is ready to unleash. This is what we’ve been missing and this is what is starting to happen. Soon we’ll be praying for random people on campus wandering around with crutches (which there are quite a few of lately)!

I actually prayed for a girl I don’t know too well in my psych class the other day. She was on her way out the door in the middle of class to go to the hospital to have her leg looked at. I followed her, prayed for in the hall, and I suppose I’ll know tomorrow how she was feeling after this prayer.

But you know what? Even if she wasn’t healed, I imagine she still felt loved. We have to get over ourselves and just allow God to love through us.

I know satan is ticked right now. I’m not entirely sure, but I felt like I was possibly snapped at by a demon today. There was a rather irrational moment in the day where some hurtful things were said and I felt as though there was more to this situation. Possibly a demon realizing that things were going well for me today and I was psyched to show this movie tonight.

And so I told the people at the movie that satan was ticked that I was showing it and that he was ticked that they were there.

Good news folks.

He’s about to get a whole more ticked.
Because the kingdom of God is about to be unleashed.


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