Healings at the Homeless Shelter

We had a good morning at the homless shelter today. We showed up, had worship, heard a message from my buddy Jason, and then prayed over people.

I met a woman who needed prayer over quite a few things:

Diabetes (High blood pressure)
Blindness/dullness in right eye

Now it appeared that Dr. Brewer had gotten some kind of word of knowledge about someone having heart problems or blood pressure problems so I invited him over to pray for this lady. He annointed her with oil and then prayed over her diabetes. I then prayed for her eye and legs, as did Brewer.

While he was praying, it popped into my head that her eyes would be healed so well that she wouldn’t even have to wear the glasses that she had on and only seconds after having this thought Brewer started praying for that exact thing.

She took her glassess off and said that she felt her eyes had cleared up a little bit but that they weren’t fully there. We continued praying for them and while they didn’t seem to get too much clearer, we will wait and see what God does over time.

I mention this “over time” idea¬†because we prayed for a blind lady last week.

Nothing happened.

But a woman came in today who had her foot healed at the last service and she said that the blind lady could see now.

Also, a lady gave her life to Jesus today and I guess last time after we left, people we’re talking quite a bit about us and how they had seen healing and all this stuff.

God is making Himself real :)


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