Some Healing Corrections

Had an interesting dream this morning. It was like someone was giving a message that really spoke to me. I feel like it was Rob Bell speaking on the Spirit. It was a great message too but sadly that is all I can remember—If that much was even true. At least it was a message that ministered to me, I got that much.

Also just wanted to fill you I’m on some of the healings that happened last week. The dorm healings I mentioned in my “God is Ready to Unleash,” post needs some more prayer. It appears that the three who were prayed for still need prayer to recieve full healing as they’re still in pain (although they might feel a little better or atleast seemed to at the time).

I tell you these things to be honest, but not to make you think healngs don’t happen. That same night a girl was healed of a headache and the next morning someone was healed of foot pain and his feet still feel great ever since.

Go pray for healing for someone today. Even if something doesn’t happen, they’ll still feel greatly loved! I prayed for a girl’s leg last week before she went to the hospital to have it looked at and she ended up having to get it fixed anywho. But she sent me an email later letting me know that it meant a lot for her and sometimes that’s a healing in itself.

Mahesh Chavda is coming to Hillsdale tommorrow night! Lemme know if you wanna come because crazy stuff is going to be happening!


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