Slain in the Spirit

It’s weird right? People collapsing to the ground all over the place? To the point where you almost have to pile them on top of each other because you’re running out of room up front to lie them down?

That was what life was like last night. We had Mahesh Chavda come to speak at Hillsdale college yesterday. Quite a funny guy! He tells lots of random stories and has a great time and then prays for people. And he also gets quite a few words of knowledge.

In fact, he had all the people who couldn’t read books without glasses stand up, put their hands on their eyes as he prayed, and then take them off and see if anything was different. One man proved it was by coming up and reading right out of a tiny print Bible, something he couldn’t have done twenty minutes ago!

Other people stood for back pains and then people who wanted prayer came down to the front, for the most part getting slain in the Spirit and collapsing to the ground. My job was to catch people on their way down so they didn’t hit the floor. And sometimes it would take more than one of us to catch them.

My first two catches didn’t go very well… I actually kind of dropped them a bit. For those of you who are novice catchers such as myself, people crumble straight down for the most part, not backwards like I expected. So you gotta try to catch them the right way! If somehow the first two people I went to catch read this, I’m sorry! Didn’t mean to drop you!

At one point Mahesh said that he felt the glory in the room had gotten stronger so he lined up the next people, touched them on the head and prayed for them really quick and many of them went down. Not all of them, but probably most of them.

I was one of the ones who didn’t get knocked out. But Mahesh prayed for me really quick, then blew on me (which I suppose is some kind of impartation of the Spirit kind of deal) and I started falling backwards and then realized that I wasn’t actually going down. So I went back to catching. But one these days I shall be slain!


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