I lost my wallet tonight after quite a hectic and rather bothersome couple of hours. I was really upset and frankly losing my mind for a bit, realizing that someone probably stole it. I had to call all my cards and cancel them and now I’ve got to reorder a bunch of stuff and I’m still a bit irritated right now.

But then when I got back to school, still in my irritated state, it went through my head that “I can’t believe someone would take something that’s rightfully mine.”

Then it occurred to me (perhaps through the Spirit) that it was something I do all the time. I made a commitment to God to be rightfully His. I made a commitment to die to myself and who I am, yet I still live my own way and do things outside of what he would like. I steal myself.

In all honesty, I was praying that my wallet would be teleported to my dorm room from wherever it was ;)



*CORRECTION: It is now about 20 minutes later. Because I’m done freaking out, I found it. Right at the front of my car. I vaguely remember putting it there but I don’t know why. Maybe God made me do it to teach me this lesson :D


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