Sunday Morning Revelations

I’ve found myself lately asking God to open my eyes into the spiritual realm and let me see Him show up. I desire greatly to see what is going on as Heaven invades earth and so I keep asking God for more. And as I was at church this morning there were people all around yelling and praising God and I was asking for more and to see into the seer realm. Then God gave me a revelation.

As I looked out at the church and saw all these dancers, flag twirlers, screamers, tongue-speakers, shofar blowers, spontaneous singers, and even those just sitting down in worship, God said, “see me?”

So many people worshiping. God was in those people and He was coming right out of them. I didn’t even need to be a seer this morning to see God.

And isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

Later we were singing my current favorite worship song “Dance With Me.” The chorus goes like this:

Dance with me Lord
Lover of my soul
To the song of all songs
Romance me Lord
Lover of my soul
To the song of all songs

(Go buy it on iTunes off the Consumed album by Jesus Culture right now)

And I’ve always tried imagining dancing with God during this song and while it sometimes is a strange image, God gave me another revelation.

If you’re gonna dance, someone’s gotta lead.


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