Holy Laughter

The song has ended. The intensity of the electric guitar and the crashing cymbals has passed and I am now lying on the floor, listening to a soothing A2 chord being picked by Vicki on her acoustic guitar.

Other than the guitar, the church is silent, when all of the sudden:

Repeat x4

20-30 seconds later (which felt much longer), there is silence in the church as everyone decides what they will do with the strangest ringtone they have ever heard. Do they laugh or do the play church and pretend it never happened?

The church breaks out in holy laughter, cracking up for endless minutes about what had happened. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard holy laughter, but it’s really the best kind.

People start cracking up and when they finally regain composure, they lose it again. And it was infectious. Pretty soon some of the strangest laughs you’ve ever heard are coming out of some people.

It made me realize that some of the times where I couldn’t stop laughing in my past were during prayer at churches. Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about! You feel like you’re going to explode while someone’s praying because of something that happened and everyone is glaring at you.

Just laugh. It’s good medicine.

And for whatever reason, the Spirit provokes people to do so, so it must be good ;)

Forgive my grammar and typos. This was written in my itouch and I’m too lazy to proofread ;)


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