Childlike Smile

A friend came up to me today at church and told me he had gotten a picture in his head from God. The picture was of me smiling hugely like a child as though I had just gotten everything I ever wanted, which I believe was implying that God was going to give me all the stuff I’ve been wanting as of late.

Now when I say stuff, I don’t mean like a new car and a nice house and all that junk, but rather all of the stuff the Spirit of God offers. I want to understand and be able to operate in His gifts and so I am excited to see allow me these things.

It’s interesting to me that He would choose to deliver this message today since I kinda felt spiritually out of it, but perhaps God wanted me to snap out of that funk and into His jam. And perhaps He knew I needed to hear it.

Love God. Love people.
What? Why’d I say that?
‘Cause it’s important.
And also a tangent.
But it’s an important tangent.
And essential.

I’m really tired.


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