Intercessory Prayer

I’m lying in bed. I was about to watch some Stargate SG-1 and fall asleep, but I paused it and started praying first. Now sometimes, I pass out while praying and then miss whatever I was going to watch completely, but I was a bit baffled in these past couple minutes.

I prayed God would teach me to pray prayers of intercession for other people. I admitted that I might be able to pray well around people, but I that I have not been an avid prayer in my personal life. And all of the sudden names and faces of people I haven’t talked to in forever started coming to my head as to who to pray for. So I did. I also had a couple of minor ideas as to what to pray for, but for the most part, I just prayed prayers of blessing and direction.

Alright, now off to the stargate.


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