Rules to the Extreme

Just a thought that crossed my mind while driving home tonight:

You know how God gave us Jesus to live by instead of the law? Now of course that is not to say that we should not live by the law as the law is goodness and goodness is what we are to live by. But I don’t want to get into that whole debate tonight. After all, Paul spent all of Romans trying to explain that debate and I still get confused by it.

But the thought that I had was this:

I wonder if God likes having us live out of our love for Him rather than by His rules, because we get it more right that way. We are inspired by love to live in goodness, rather than condemned by the law as we know we can’t live up to it.

If you think about it it’s kind of crazy. I mean, God Himself comes down to earth in human form to show us how to live life. And how does He do it? By doing many things that opposed HIS religious culture of the time! Or should I say HIS religious culture gone to OUR extreme.

The story that mainly popped into my head was how Jesus healed a dude on the Sabbath.

in human flesh
heals on the Sabbath.

Who ends up complaining about it?
His people!

Because they have taken rules to the extreme!

And so I guess I just wondered if God would almost be fearful to give us humans rules. Because when we hear something from the Almighty, our tendency is to take things to the extreme. We see it in our churches all the time.

And now for a disclaimer:
I am not dissing rules.
In fact, I live by many rules.
My rules promote goodness.
I probably even take some rules to the extreme at time.
(Although I hope to correct that if need be.)

BUT if we’re not careful, we will not live out of a loving relationship with Jesus, but instead, we will live out of the same extreme rules that create religion and in some cases, cults.

Just some food for thought.

Mmmmm… thought. Ghahaghahghahghagha.


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