Apparently I Need to Cry

So tonight we showed up at Father’s House to help play some worship, but apparently there was no need to enter into worship with music. Instead we spent 2 hours in declaration and prophecy. I sat there for quite awhile and then was prophesied over with my buddy Tony towards the end of the night, and as it seems to be, what they had to tell me was pretty accurate.

One of the big things I need to do right now I guess is learn how to cry. Why?

I honestly don’t have the slightest idea.

BUT, this was the second time I have been told during prophecy that I had to learn to cry. And it was a different person both times! You can’t make that stuff up! Seriously, I mentioned it in one of my older posts:

It was oddly pointed out that I had forgotten how to cry during the prophecy as well, which believe it or not is true. I have relearned how to get teary-eyed, but you may not know that I have really cried maybe 5 times in 10 years—each time being from severe pain or extreme emotionalism.

The lady who prophesied this over me tonight seemed to feel that I needed to figure out why it was that I stopped crying even though I may not know. And then a rather well-aged woman told me the same thing and that God had asked her to give up her precious. She was supposed to figure out what that was even though she had no idea since she had already given up so much. She then realized it was her house and told me to pay attention when I wake up, because God may just bring it to my mind some morning like He did for her. Another woman told me to focus on that word “precious.”

And I guess I’m supposed to release my unique and creative sound to touch millions but that first I need to let go of the familiar and let God do His thing with me, which was news to me since I feel I have gone really far out of the familiar in the past year now. But at the same time it is true. I do try to control my emotions. And earlier on in the service I did feel a need to let go and be loud and weird,but then I’d be… loud and weird. I guess I let my familiarity beat me out on that one. But it may have kind of felt like there was something inside trying to burst out?

Lots of other interesting things happened as well:

—A kid said he saw seven angels above the church.

—All the prophets in the church were prayed over.

—Prayer for those in sex trafficking.

—Prayer for those in gangs.

—One lady started to get woozy in the Spirit and almost sat on me. Good times.

—A kid got slain in the Spirit (knocked down to the ground).

Anywho, that was just a normal Thursday night. We have 24 hour worship starting tomorrow at 6:00 and goes to 6:00 Saturday. Feel free to come and if you can’t make it out, tune in online where we’ll be broadcasting live here.


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