Christian Science Fiction Story

I’ll admit it. I watch a lot of sci-fi movies and tv shows. They are by far my favorite genre. There’s just something about DNA splicing, warp speed, space, and super powers that I love. So many hypothetical situations that have now become possible and require us to consider the morality of it all.

And so what can I do with the hundreds of hours I’ve invested in watching all these tv shows? Nothing I thought. But then it occurred to me that I could try to write a Christian sci-fi novel. But then I got started and it ended up being kind of a blog post story. If you feel like following it you may enjoy it. Especially since they’re kinda short posts by posts. Either way, the first post is up and feel free to check it out. Also, there’s a link to the comments on the left of each post and these comments further the storyline. So feel free to read those as well.

Click here to start reading “Jokshan of Jericho.”


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