The Love World Dream

I was sitting in my prophecy class about an hour ago when out of nowhere a dream that I’m fairly positive I had last night popped into my head. Now it’s really bizarre because I remember the dream I had when I woke up this morning and it was not this dream. I don’t really remember waking up at any other point in the night, however, when I did wake up, both my playstation and my tv were turned off (and they were defintely on when I fell asleep). So perhaps I had the dream then?

The other bizarre thing is that this dream is so incredibly clear in my mind and so incredibly unclear.

There was some kind of love message written out in the land as a gift. Think, for example that someone had mowed the lawn in a way that they spelled something out in the mowed grass or as though someone placed rocks everywhere to spell something out. Or if you saw the latest Simpsons episode, a giant face of Marge was created out of flowers that could only be seen well from a hot air balloon.

Either way, as a viewed this message, it continually got bigger. At first it was like, “Wow, someone actually took all this time to do this!” But then the camera angle in my dream started to zoom out of the earth and I realized this message had been spelled out across states and the entire earth! Miles and miles of a hand made message!

Now I don’t know if this was a message from someone to me or me to someone because the charcters in the dream are quite vague. However, this dream is still clear in my mind and I can’t help but feel as though it was a message from God to say:

THIS is how much I love you.

So happy valentines from God.


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