Understanding the Images

There we were, praying for the premiere of “Furious Love” at Spring Arbor University, among other things, when a picture appeared in my head of my friend Leann who was in this particular prayer group. It wasn’t like the image that had appeared in my mind earlier on in the prayer session. It was much more clear.

Earlier I tried to clear my mind and let God fill it with something to pray for and I had seen an image of a ski lift. I then prayed about going higher in our relationship with God, but it didn’t really seem like it was from God entirely. This image kind of felt more like my own mind (not that what I ended up praying for was wrong).

But later, Leann’s face lit up really bright in my mind and she was incredibly happy. And there was another part to this image that wasn’t so clear, but it kind of appeared that she was on a teeter-totter. Actually, I don’t even know if I saw that or just felt it, but it seemed right. I told her later and believe it or not, it actually correlated to another word she had been given from someone else earlier.

And so as I am on my quest to understand which images are from God and which aren’t, here’s what I’ve come to find thus far:

They are very quick images and they are very clear images.

While there are other ways to interpret what makes these images, I feel that these two things might be more typical for me to realize them. They are much clearer and defined than the others. I am somewhat coming to this conclusion by connecting it with one of the other images I saw awhile back, and the revelation of what that image might have meant.

After explaining this, Vicki told me that she felt God was going to give me a double portion of Himself, which was amazing to hear, especially because I have prayed for that in the past. And for her, I believe an image of two cups kept coming to her mind in order to give her this word for me.

Although she probably could have worded it a little better since she started off by saying, “I feel that God is going to dump on you.”

Face it. You would have been just as confused.

On another note, it was great to just sit around for hours talking about crazy God stories and revelations. It feels like it has been quite awhile since I’ve been able to just relax with friends and do that.


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