Obedient Worms

We were studying Jonah earlier today in my Old Testament Prophets class and there’s an interesting and sad revelation in it. The nature was way more obedient than Jonah.

-A storm gets Jonah tossed off a boat to accomplish God’s will.

-A big ol’ fish swallows Jonah and becomes his aqua-bus to Nineveh by God’s will.

-A plant (most likely a castor bean) grows real dang quick to comfort Jonah under God’s will.

-A worm (A WORM!) eats up the plan under God’s will.

-An east wind withers the plant under God’s will.

And so Jonah remains more disobedient than a worm. I wonder how many times we do the same thing? And if you’ve never read Jonah, it’s only 4 chapters. Take a look to see God’s crazy love for sinners, for unIsraelites, and for a very stubborn and disobedient prophet. There’s a lotta love in this book if you pay attention to it.

Or if you’d rather watch it, might I suggest watching the Veggie Tales version here? But be warned, vegetables do get slapped by fishes.

Haha, the guy who made this picture described it like this: Running from your calling isn’t such a wise thing. You get eaten by whales. Jonah, anyone?


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