Quick and Clear (Prophetic Images)

I need to do a butt load of homework, but I thought I’d just affirm what I had said a few days ago about the prophetic mental images I had been experiencing. I basically said that I felt like they were quick and clear and I just so happened to read something interesting today in Jim W. Goll’s book “The Seer.”

How do visions “happen”?

For me, they began as what I would call mental pictures. After I was filled with the Holy Spirit in 1972, I began receiving “flashes” of light—mental images or pictures that lasted a second or less. At the time I did not know that they were legitimate “visions.” I did not know what to call them… Through a slow process of growth, I gradually learned that these mental “snapshots” were visual insights from the Holy Spirit. The more I grew and matured in the visionary, the more sustained the images became.

A mental “snapshot” is a good way to describe how visions can happen. Think of how an instant camera works. The shutter opens, allowing light to enter through the lens, imprinting on the film the image that is in front of the lens. The film develops “instantly” so the image can be viewed and analyzed. In a vision, “light” from the Lord enters the “lens” of our spiritual eyes and imprints an image on the “film” of our heart and our mind. As the image “develops,” we gain a better understanding of what it means. Most visions are internal in nature. An image is ingrained in our memory and we can take it out, look at it, and study it any time we need.

Affirmation is good :)


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