Some Lyrics I’m Working On

I’m still working on the lyrics, but here’s what I’ve got so far. I recorded the music too, just need to find my mic in order to finish it up.

Verse 1
We are desperate for
Your grasp and Your affection
We are longing  for
Your heart with an aggression

We love you Father
More than any other
It’s You
Oh God It’s You
We give you are love
As the Heaven’s drip above
It is You
Raining down, it’s You.

We know one another
We rage for each other

Walk down the aisle
You’ve been pursuing me
My Lord my God
Your royal majesty
It’s You
Oh It’s You
That we love

Roll out the carpet
Our Father’s coming through
The King of Glory
Who else compares to You
It’s You
Oh It’s You
That we love

And we’re broken
And we’re fragile
But Your love makes all things new
And when our lives were empty
You filled us up

And we love You
Yes we love You
Can’t You feel this love rip out of us


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