In Your (Video and Lyrics)

This is the first good song I wrote many, many years ago. Yet, despite it’s age, I still enjoy playing it. I did actually sing a few of the words wrong in the video, so if you’d like to read actual lyrics, you can check them out below.

Also, you can download the old recorded version for free by clicking here.

Verse 1
i find myself here again
Tired and unrested
From the endless hours on end
Of being tested
But i find my strength
In Your wings

Verse 2
Yet another day passes again
And the damage is done
i’m fighting all the battles
That i should have won
But i find my comfort
In Your arms

And the sun will rise
And i will stand in awe
Of the beauty
Beauty of Your love
And the sun will set
And i will watch it fall
In the wonder
Wonder of Your grace

Verse 3
i stand here looking again
And look at all that You’ve made
Seeing how You love me so much
Through all that You’ve gave
And i find my shelter
In Your shade

The rocks cry out Your glory
The mountains sing Your praise
The skies echo the story
Of Your love’s amazing grace
The trees will wave their branches
The grass will bow before
And we will take our chances
And give You what is more
The clouds will come hard crashing
The lightning will strike hard
The wind will start its thrashing
And with You i’ll soar so far
The flowers reflect Your sweetness
As the sun will rise
The birds sing Your greatness
And with You i’ll fly so high


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