Video, MP3s & Lyrics: Club Remission Concert

I did a concert awhile back in which I played a few songs. I’ve highlighted three here in this video and given you plenty of links to each so you can download whatever you want or watch several videos related to each. The Club Remission Concert can be a bit hard to understand with lots of background noise, so there’s other videos below you can watch if you care. Also, you can download 168 songs from me for free at

Download Here Comes the Bride (Feat. Jodi Eads)
Download Wonderful (Feat. Nique’ LoveRhodes and Erin Hoeflinger)
Download Questions of Criticism

(See more videos below)

Here Comes the Bride

Verse 1
Well here we are in the same ol’ spot
The bride of Christ: the fact is we forgot
Cause we’ve been cheating with the things
That break and hold us down
But we all know all our wedding vows
Till death do part, in sickness and health
i will live every day in marriage to Your heart

we apologize for the things we’ve done
The mistakes we’ve made that should have had us shunned
From Your love but Your love is bigger than our lives
Still that’s no excuse for where we’ve ever been
Though we thank You Lord that You forgive
Let us fix this altogether in our love

Verse 2
i want that jealous love like there’s no other
Love love like love was loving lovers
Give You all I have In life and death and truth
i want to give you all my heart
Grow old and love Like at the very start
For our love is every single day renewed

Stay with me
And we will find out what we need
To get this right somehow
All across the world
We have misconstrued the term
And lived “love” like we want


Verse 1
Sometimes I’m wondering
How it must have felt like
To paint all those stars
To make the oceans
And put the mountains in their place
And every element perfected
And phenomenon just proves Your name
Oh, Lord I’m wondering
Just how it must feel

Pre-chorus 1
To watch our youthful generation
Fall in sin and desperation
And then lose communication
With the one who made it
When we run out of our rations
That kept us hungry for our passions
So to You we come a thrashing
Asking You to save it
Then when everything is better
We just hope for more good weather
Think we’ve got it put together
And everything is fine
Is fine

I want to fall into Your arms
Where everything is wonderful
I want to be there Where You are
And I’ll sing to praise You just because
You’re everything wonderful
I’m gonna make it where You are

Verse 2
Sometimes I feel like
I’ve conformed to the ways
That hurt You so
A contradiction
To what true love really is
Still in Your shadow
You set me apart far from this world
And forgive me
And take me in

Pre-chorus 2
When all my fears and my frustrations
Are getting higher than inflation
And I’m growing more impatient
With myself and how I live
When my life is a disaster
I know to You I’ll cling much faster
Fall to my knees and call You master
More than I ever have before
Well it’s then I truly realize
I owe You more than just a quick five
Minutes of my burning daylight
That I went and wasted away
So now I say

And tell me how far
Until the day that I see your face
And how long Until that time
‘Cause I, I gotta make my life count
So there’s more than just me who’ safe
‘Cause those pearly gates
Got plenty of rooms to find
Plenty of rooms to find

Questions of Criticism

Verse 1
Another day has come and passed away
Did I live it like I could?
‘Cause every morn I wear a different face
So did I wear the one I should?

Well no one will ever know
This power unless we show it
No, no one will every comprehend
This love that I know that towers over
Everything I see
A love that comes for us once again

And I lift my hands
And I move my feet
Just to tell you how much I love you
And I move myself down
To make room for you now
Here I am do what You will

Verse 2
Another year has come and made it’s way
How many times did I make a move?
Some questions I must answer every day
And a case that I must prove

And you could
Change the course of history
Create a new scientific theory
But you’ll never change what’s been in me
All along, no, no, no, no
No you’ll never find the
Mathematical calculation to even
Get me near the verge of persuasion
‘Cause my, my intents my motivation
Will prove you wrong
And you can take everything
That I have owned
But like Jacob my belief is set in stone
And that’s one thing you can’t take from me
‘Cause thanks to the truth I’ve already been set free
So go ahead and throw your stones and persecute
But I’ll just catch them In my hand and then I’ll pray for you
That one day soon
You might come to
Rid everything that’s haunting you
Fall down to your knees
Look up to the light and pray
And pray


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