Can God Heal Online?

For 16 years he waited for healing and it was starting to get pretty bad. So bad in fact that he was in the hospital recently being told that he was going to need a new liver. I ran into him a could days later at the mall where he explained to me that he was not getting a new one because He was trusting in God to heal Him before that happened. And now here He is, just a few weeks after his hospital visit, and he’s healed.

Very short FAQs:

By God.


Easter night.

He was watching a church service online when God put on the preacher’s mind to claim healing on sclerosis of the liver. That was when Jesse received his healing! There was even someone at the church who mentioned to the pastor that Jesse was watching and even though he had no idea who Jesse even was, He was obedient to the Spirit and God did His work. To many, that’s a total stab in the dark, but when you’re in tune with what God’s saying, He gets a chance to do some pretty incredible things!

It’s like the centurion in the Bible who asked Jesus not to come to his place to touch and heal his servant, but rather just to heal him from right where they were. And Jesus did it. And now we see it happening again, all the way across the internet.

And what’s even crazier is that God is not limited to time! Jesse gave me this little tidbit:

…my friend told me I should watch the night that it was going on (last thursday) so I did… until about 2 minutes before he started calling out my liver over the internet. I had stopped watching and didn’t know anything about it!!

My friend (Jason) asked me later how I felt and I told him “the same”. I found his asking curious and figured they must have prayed for something to do with a liver or sickness or something. On Sunday my friend’s mother in law goes to my church and said that they had called out a liver over the internet and that Jason had thought it was for me. So Sunday night, on easter (Resurrection day!) I watched the whole thing again and got healed from a recording that was 3 days old! God is not limited to time!

Maybe you have liver sclerosis? Maybe you should watch the video below!

NOTE: I should mention that Jesse is sick again. I don’t know if he was healed and somehow lost it or what happened. I do still believe God can heal online and have heard of other stories! This particular one seems to be a bit different.

Or you can click here to see the whole service.


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