Spring Arbor Chapel (Video)

Picture taken by Jacob Roman.

There are a lot of different religion classes I’ve taken with a lot of different teachers, and it seems to me that each teacher seems to have a bigger focus on a different aspect of Christianity. Out of all of these classes, one or two of my teachers were pretty keen on emphasizing the Christian community.

I’d pay attention to their thoughts while sitting in my chair, waiting for them to move onto the next subject, but over the past year it has hit me in quite greatly in some ways. Just being on the campus of Spring Arbor University is really nice because it’s different from the secular society. Granted, we still need to reach people all over and not close ourselves into these places, but still, it’s nice to be around each other.

And one of the things I especially love is chapel. Since my freshman year I’ve loved it. We all get to come to one place and worship and learn together. Not only is it a moment of community but it is a moment of power! Here we are, a thousand of us exalting the one true God in the name of Jesus, waiting for the Holy Spirit to invade us, and it’s a spectacular moment! All around us, spiritual activity is going on even if we are sometimes blind to it.

But regardless, we join with the angels and lift our voices to the sky. He can hear our praises, singing Son of God be lifted, lifted high.

And together we engage God. We offer Him our love each in our own way as His own love pours over us like a sloppy wet kiss. I’ve got two videos below of this engagement over the past year incase you’d like to watch them, and I hope that next year we can all come together to give God the glory like never before.

(Facebook users, click on the pics above to be redirected to the videos)

These pictures are also by Jacob Roman. Yes, they are different.


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