In my Christian Ethics class this past semseter we discussed the idea of using the internet and technology for church, evangelism, Christianity, etc.

It’s not much of a question for me since I do a lot of work which is strictly for the interweb (videos, blogging, songs, podcasting, etc). The majority of all that work would not be recognized at all if I didn’t have the internet. Whether or not all that I do is useful to the faith, I hope that a good majority of it will help people think or help them in their Christian life, while other times I just hope to make people laugh.

But I had an idea pop into my head today. An idea that had popped into my head a few days ago, but didn’t give too much thought.

What if I started an online small group, bible study, or mini church service? Not for the sake of replacing people’s own churches, but to use something we spend so much time on for God.

I could set up a webcam chat room with some friends who I rarely get to see. We could meet up and discuss the Bible or another book. Or I could create 10 minute youtube services, where I could feature a worship song or two that were written by a friend or myself before a friend or myself gave a quick message.

Again, this isn’t some kind of Second Life church or anything like that. Just something creative and possibly helpful for Christians. I’m not downgrading the importance of physical meetings as I think they are necessary for us to be a part of. But this could be something outside of that. Not a substitute. But something else.

Those of you who just attend church through TV or the internet, I give a simple nudge that you try to find a church to physically be a part of, or at least consider it.

All of this could be good experience for me to get started on something like this as I plan on becoming a pastor and that won’t happen for probably another year at least.

But perhaps you don’t feel that the internet will help much or that it won’t do a whole lot for anyone. Well, for that reason I’d like to leave you with some stats on facebook that I came across today on socialblade, as I came to find just how addicted we are to the social networking, and for that reason, how powerful of a tool it could be rather than a thing to be avoided completely.


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