Surviving the Storm

So there was an awesome storm today here in Michigan and I found myself under the Spring Arbor clock tower, engaging it head on! The wind nearly ripped my shirt off at one point and the rain was so in my face that I could hardly see anything whatsoever.

So of course I filmed a video blog. Unfortunately, you can only understand about a third of the video blog due to the wind blowing across the microphone. But even though you can hardly hear what I’m saying in this video, at least give the beginning a watch because that part you can hear perfectly fine. Since the rest is so windy, I’ve given the quick blue print of what else I was saying below:

As you might have noticed, we use storms a lot as metaphors. When things get tough we explain our life as a storm. Well, I wanted to engage the metaphor further in a few quick stories and offer some ideas as to how to survive the storm.

The Jonah Storms: God specifically brings a storm to Jonah’s life in order to get his attention and lead him into destiny. Without it, this rather moody prophet would have ended up miles upon miles away from where God wanted him to be. From this we can gather that God sometimes brings storms (metaphorically speaking) into our lives to perfect us.

The Jesus Storms: The boat’s rocking everywhere and the people who spent their whole lives fishing are even afraid of the water at this point. Jesus is woken up and He commands the storm to stop. In this particular situation, the storm appears to be a distraction and unneeded hardship in life. But in the name of Jesus, the storm can be rebuked and calmed.

The Joy Storms: These are the ironic storms. Watch the video below to learn more:

Want to hear more of my storm stories? Well, I got one more video for you, and one, two, three, more blog posts.


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