Mark 6:42

It was late last night when I finally finished choosing all of the songs I was going to use at church today. I laid down around 1:00 in the morning to go to bed, but for whatever reason I was wide awake. Then out of nowhere I got the idea to look up the verse Mark 6:42.

I laid there and tried to convince myself there was no such verse. I mean, if it was a smaller number, the chances were more likely, but not every chapter in the Bible has over 40 verses. Within a minute I was up. What’s the point in not checking, right? Well, here’s what I came across:

They all ate and were satisfied.
Mark 6:42

Simple enough. But if this met anything, what was it?

Well, I felt revelation come nearly instantly. It was a theme for the worship tomorrow. People were going to come hungry to church tomorrow and they would be satisfied.

It was funny to me, because this wasn’t even a metaphorical verse. You’ve probably heard the story—Jesus feeds 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Face it. It’s an unrealistic situation. And not only that, it’s an impossible situation.

But Jesus sees people hungry and He goes beyond the natural realm to feed them. He gives everyone food and they are all satisfied. This is the literal situation Mark 6, and the metaphorically true situation we find ourselves in as Christians. If we are hungry, all we have to do is ask.

Well, I might as well have chucked my order of worship out the window. God directed me to open with the song Hungry and after that I no longer felt the need to play anything I had already planned to play. Which is exactly what happened. We must have played two of the songs I had originally planned on and then we erupted into a freedom party by the end of the worship.


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